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5 Things to Stop NOW, to Avoid Lifelong Regrets


Imagine yourself some 10 odd years down the line from the present. There would certainly be a host of events, decisions and people you would have regrets about. This is purely natural. It is the human tendency to make mistakes. It is not very easy to make the right call in every situation. But this particular sort of a mental damage can be marginalized to a great extent by following some simple tricks of living your life. As an individual, you may come across many new challenges in your day to day life. How you deal with them; lies completely in your hand. Here are the list of 10 things you should stop doing in the present in order to avoid lifelong regrets. Read on.

It’s not your Dream!


The most common regret that people have in their life is that they feel they missed out on the opportunity of fulfilling their cherished dream. People have the habit of trying to live someone else’s dream. In the process of doing so, they forget themselves and their own aspirations and desires. In most cases, people in their younger age fail to recognize their own talents and dreams, and thus fall prey to the wishes of their parents. Even if they do not have the right will towards doing something, they tend to pursue career in that particular field which their parents choose for them. So what should be the ideal solution for this? It is quite obvious and simple to answer. Find your dreams and know what you are good at in the early stage of your life and live with no regrets. No matter how severe the obstacles are, never quit. Strive hard and hard to attain your goal.

Trying to be Someone Else


As a kid, people do have their role models who they revere like anything. When they grow up, some of them still have the same role model in life but for some it changes. This change is a permanent one. With growing age and maturity, people tend to realize what they want to do in their life and hence have different role models. There is no harm in this. But sometimes people idolize other people who are entirely different from them. Soon they start changing themselves in order to be like their role models. They start living a life of person who they are nowhere related to. If a hoyden idolizes some peaceful personality, she might end up giving up on her natural self in the process. What is the point of living someone else’s life? This is yet another regret that people have in their life. So just be yourself and stop committing such a big mistake in your life and be free from regrets. You are good and unique the way you are. Love yourself and let the regrets go away!

Building a Web of Lies

web of lies

No matter how old you are, you always have some things in your mind which you hesitate to leak out simply because you fear the reactions of other people towards your call. As a result of this, you end up with a lie which forms the base for another big series or a web of lies. Believe it or not, these lies will never let you live with peace in your life. No matter how severe the impacts could be, always stick to the truth. If you build up your present on the basis of such lies, you will end up nowhere in the future. The most contented man is the one who has no secrets and nothing to hide. He lives a life with no regrets. The secret to a happy living is giving up on all lies and telling the truth in every situation and thus avoiding regrets in life. You might get into trouble because of this, but this trouble is always a short lived one. Never have regrets speaking the truth.

It is about Living the Moment


Most of the people refrain from doing things simply because they are scared of the reactions and the outcomes that may perspire in future because of the things they do in the present. Due to this, they fail to enjoy the very essence of life. It is a very common thing to see people not live in the present. They live in a world of their own where they have regrets for the wrong things they have done in their past and for the good things they intend to do in their future. Meanwhile, in this process of regretting and planning, they forget to live the present moment. The past is inevitable and the future is unpredictable. So why live your life around these facets of tenses where all you can have is mere regrets? You should always live in the present and stop worrying about the things that could possibly happen because of your actions and thus remove these regrets from your life.

Not having a Stand

stand alone

If you believe that whatever you are doing in your life is the right thing, then you should have the chutzpah to stand by your own actions and words in the future. There is no point in living a life where your decisions and mindset flickers every second and you are preoccupied with regrets. If you see something wrong happening right in front of your eyes, have the guts to take action against it and stand for yourself and for others. If you do not do this in your life, it would be a sin committed and the regrets would linger forever. This would give very deep regrets and in the future even if you try to change your actions, you would be found wanting to do so.

Life is all about making right calls and living without regrets. No decision is correct or wrong. It is up to you how you see the things and avoid such regrets. Take the decisions and then try to prove them right. This is the essence to a happy living.

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