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4 things you shouldn’t do in the early dating stage


Love happens rather quickly. You just fall into it. Love at times starts with infatuation because love at first sight is more like a happens-only-in-the-movies thing. When you meet someone you think is good looking and funny, infatuation is the next most natural thing to happen. Two good looking people showing interest in each other is the first step towards a relationship. You decide to give it a shot and this mere infatuation suddenly blooms into a relationship. They say the earliest days of your courtship or relationship, are the most passionate ones since it is a new found romance and as a couple you have places to go, things to discover and have your go at a lot of firsts. It is easy to not pay attention to other more important matters while you’ve just stared dating this person you think is incredible, but your mere ignorance can lead to grave consequences. Here are things that you should refrain from doing in the early stages of a relationship.

1) Talking about your ex 

While many couples prefer that they talk about the whole ex issue and know that their partner was seriously/physically involved with someone else in the past before they take the relationship forward, a lot of people tend to bring up their ex while they are in a relationship. The worst thing that you can do is compare your current flame to your ex and making your current one feel inferior about something or the other by bragging about your ex’s abilities. How unromantic would it be to go on your first date and tell your partner that this is where you and your ex had your first date too? A lot of us blurt out things that we don’t pay heed to, but they do cause disturbance to our partner. So give up on the ex talk and discover your new romance.


2) Talking about your partner’s ex

Do not bug your partner by constantly asking them about their ex and what went wrong in order to give them a free counselling session. If your partner hasn’t given you a full account of what probably led to the breakup, it must be something crucial and something he doesn’t like to recall again and again. If you watch his expressions change to serious and sadder ones, he obviously doesn’t like to bring her ex up. Plus, you could always ask him when you two share a stronger bond and are close enough to unveil all your secrets and past attachments. Unless you suspect there’s something really dire and it’s going to affect your relationship with him, save the talk.


3) Act all creepy by showing up everywhere

I don’t know about the rest of the world, I speak for myself. I cannot handle men, even if I have just started dating them, around me all the time. This is one reason why people tend to get ‘bored’ of their relationships. You don’t have to be everywhere to prove your love and dedication. The excitement is prevalent in any relationship in the early stages of it’s commencement but you should not creep the other person out by showing up everywhere they go. Everybody needs space unless you’re the super girly or the super needy person in the relationship that enjoys being kept tabs on. To not being given space in a relationship just sucks. Your whole world shouldn’t revolve around that one person you have just begun a relationship with. Just go with the flow and don’t try to hard to make your presence felt and end up becoming a total CREEP.


Intimacy is a very important part of a relationship. It is actually one of the elements that keep the excitement and the desire to be together alive. But everything should happen when it is destined to happen. Agreed that carnal needs can sometimes be a total bitch and you end up giving into the¬†temptation but it can land you in a great deal of trouble. You’ve just started off with this person and you probably think you know everything about him, but the reality is, you don’t. You shouldn’t just go by what is visible as the surface when you have no idea what the depths have in store for you. What if something goes terribly wrong in your relationship, your partner starts hating you and shows your private conversations to people you don’t know? Bottom line is, take time to build that trust and then indulge in some kinky activities. You wouldn’t want your whole life ruined for one intimate conversation you had on the phone, right?


4) Declare your love on social platforms

This one’s a BIG no. Even if you think you’ve found the one, you do not have to be so open about it. You do not have to change your relationship status from single to taken in the first week of dating someone without testing the waters. You certainly don’t have to add a life event the day you finally get committed. Resist that need to present your new found love to the world by raving about your dates or how unbelievably lucky you are to have gotten such a smooth catch because that stuff is annoying and unrealistic.

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