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5 Things You Should Do For Yourself


This article is not about wearing makeup or getting stoned so that you can forget about all the wrong things in the world. It is about doing some things for yourself that are going to help you improve the quality of your life. We go through life pretending that we are happy where we are or we are happy with what we are doing even if it is not serving us anymore. It is really a blessing to realize that we need some necessary changes in our daily lives and we should start doing more things for ourselves. It really improves self worth and we can connect to the world more. So, here is a list of things that you should definitely start doing for yourself.

1. Start Helping People


Well, this may sound absurd but what you are doing for them is going to help you in the long run. It is not something selfish that you help people because you want something in return from them. It is very honest and unselfish because you really want to help them out if they ask you for it. Random Act of Kindness Daily. When you add value to people’s lives, magic happens. Because what goes around comes around. Whatever you put our returns to you and that is what we should try to do everyday. It will surely give you necessary motivation to see that you are impacting people in a positive way. It is also OK to ask for help when you need it. It is not something that is going to hurt your self esteem because you don’t want to show that you don’t know about something. But it is really Okay. It is not a sign of weakness. Once you start being receptive to other people’s help, it is going to add value to your work and you will learn many new things from them.

2. Surrender to Your Authenticity


We should try to become more honest with ourselves every single day. “I am not perfect but i am more conscious that there is still so much work to take place even within myself”. With this affirmation we grow and become greater every single day. It is not about putting on an act but  its about seeing that we are enough. When you just stop judging yourself and stop comparing ourselves to other people we realize that we were attempting in vain to hit into the standard of other people. It is necessary to stop criticizing yourself and start embracing yourself wholeheartedly.

3. Surround yourself with winners

teamwork of paper team

It is very necessary to connect with those who remind you who you truly are. Once you start connecting with people who touch your heart, who leave you with more energy, who you are able to share your energy with, your whole life starts to transform. A lot of us complain about being in a negative environments not seeing that we have the power to move in the direction of our true happiness and when you start connecting with people who respect you and uplift you together, that is when you can grow and adopt habits of winners. Remember “Birds of a feather flock together.”

4. Start Letting go of your personal story

Laughing girl frees herself from paperwork

Most of us are hugely attached with what we went through growing up. A lot of us feel like victims. We believe that we have gone through the hardest life there is to experience. Because of this, it becomes hard to let go and when you start realizing that you are not your story. Our story is constantly changing based on our own evolution based on our own level of awareness and it means we can rewrite this story at any time. We can rewrite how we feel. We don’t have to have an excuse to feel a certain way and we can embrace our true selves.

5. Love Yourself Unconditionally


Just start loving yourself hundred percent and to love yourself means that until you love yourself totally, you will feel that you can not express yourself a hundred percent to those around you. When you star caring for yourself, when you start going into nature, dancing around, doing exercise, eating amazing food, not taking life way too seriously and making time for those things which matter the most, you will see your life changing positively. When you start following your passion, start creating value for yourself & the world, building with other creative people out there, you will automatically start loving your life that you are living right now. It is really cool because you start moving into the radical action every single day.

These things don’t sound so difficult and all of us already know about them very well. We know that if we are doing these on daily basis our life is going to transform into a new and improved one. But we have become way to comfortable with the sweet shadow of our comfort zone but it is necessary to realize that once we step out of our comfort zone it is going to a revolutionary step. So, just keep track of simple things in life, start helping people, surrender to your authenticity, surround yourself with winners, let go of your personal story and just love yourself unconditionally.

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