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5 Things Not To Do In Public!


We all live in a global village, in a society. We are all spending our lives around men and we have followed a code of conduct almost since the beginning. I say “almost” because when man was a nomad, he did not live in a society. He did not even live in one place for a considerable amount of time! So, as time passed, we all developed an unspoken set of rules that govern the society. Some common rules would be courtesy, cooperation, honesty, love and respect. The society has a moral character and a certain kind of behavior has always been preferred. The life of the party is preferred over the guy sulking in the corner. A nice, decent girl is preferred over some hooker on the street. Being helpful is preferred over being mean and angry. So, all of us know about the 7 sins and the like.

Through this article, I want to bring some light unto some certain habits that are really gross and I have seen so many ‘men’ do these things in public. Sure, the sight of a couple ‘going at it’ in the park grosses you out. Sure, the slow motion of traffic ruins your mood. But things cannot always be how you want them to be. But then, these are things that one has no control over either! You can’t help it if that couple in front of you is crazy in love. You certainly cannot help the traffic. There is no use getting angry or disgusted over something that is out of your control, right? But, what about the things that can be controlled with a little communication? When you think about it, human beings cater a lot of bad/disgusting habits. Thankfully, most of us try to conceal those habits away from the public’s eye. Sadly, there is a good percentage of people, and particularly men, who do not make an effort to control these habits.

Sure, we all live in a society and we are supposed to tolerate each other till the day we die. But, does that mean we cannot ask for a pleasant change? Will you not prefer to see a better behaved world? Would you not love it if the guy you are dating holds the door open for you? Will you not feel beautiful when you see a beautiful world around you? These are all pretty standard questions. Sadly, these habits are very tough to change mostly because they are hardly talked about. What one should remember is that not talking about a problem does not make the problem go away!

Here is a list of 5 things not to do in public!

1) Fart

Yes, fart. Please eat healthy and maintain a good, balanced diet. No one wants to smell what you had for dinner the other morning. Please exercise and pay attention to your health. Fart when no one is around you, if it has really become uncontrollable. An unpleasant smell has the potential of totally ruining the impact of an amazing place! Also, no one likes a smell cat! Think about it. Why would the cosmetic industry spend so much money on making perfumes? It is because a pleasant smell is always attractive. Please, Please, do not fart in public.

2) Touching and spitting

Men, this is for you. You all know you do this and you think it goes unnoticed. It is actually disgusting for you to touch yourself in public. Please restrain. Your effort would be highly appreciated. Also, please do not spit in public! There is lots of trash on the road and your contribution is not required.

3) Pick your nose

We all see you nose diggers being all busy with your noses in the corner! We see that! A request, please stop doing that. What are you thinking about when you are picking your nose anyway? Do you not feel disgusted when you see someone else picking their nose? Please do not put your fingers in any holes when you are in public. This world has a lot of weird people and we do not need more of those people who shamelessly pick their noses!

4) Stare

You, creep, bust checking out some pretty girl like a newly released hound, please stop it. If you are in love with some girl and you are looking at her in a non creepy way, that is okay. But, if you are some creep on the street who just likes to stare to girls and pass comments on them, you need to know that you are not a stud. You are not unique. The world is full of people like you, who lack a healthy respect for women. We do not humor such crass behavior. If you HAVE to comment on some female, go to your house and watch some adult movies and do what you want. Please restrict cheap antics to yourself.

5) Shout

Please contribute your bit to the environment by not increasing the level of noise pollution. Yes, I understand that you are all a part of the mob but that does not mean that you shout in public. No one appreciates it when you scream over someone else’s head. Please refrain.

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