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5 Things to do in monsoons


Every year the meteorological department makes predictions about the various seasons and their onsets. Be it the summers which we hate, the winters which we secretly love and the monsoons for which we die for, seasons are the spices in our monotonous routine. Had it been not for them, we would have been stuck with one type of clothes and shoes. Such misery! Of all the seasons, my favorite is the winter. But certainly in this article I am here to write of the best things about the monsoons. Rains as we call them are the relief from the sultry summers. It is the most colorful of all the seasons, with the umbrellas and the raincoats. The corns and the pakoras in the evenings with families are a relish. The gurgling of the thunders, the tip tap of the rain drops, how beautiful the nature is! One cannot just let this season slip by without being a tint poetic. Let us have a look at the most wonderful things of the monsoons which make us fall in love with it.

  1. Stay-in


The best excuse of not going to the school with mother’s consent is the rains. Cannot you see that it is raining heavily outside? How can one think of venturing out? Let us just stay indoors and play board games with siblings. This reminds me of my childhood when after the summer vacations, we used to get all soaked up while coming up back from the school. My mother would say if it rains tomorrow you will not go to the school else you will fall sick. I would, in my mind thank the gods and nod in assent. At times it is simply delightful to be lazy all the times. The most favorite pastime being, slouching on the couch with a constant supply of a hot cup of chocolate or tea, coffee and quietly staring out the window, it would seem ages before the rain would finally stop and you will get back to your daily business. Try this activity this monsoon and relive your reminiscences.

  1. Romance


Standing under one umbrella with earphones plugged in, you hardly get such romantic outings with your boyfriend/girlfriend. It is the cheapest and most romantic date ever. You love to splash in the puddles and soil your clothes. You get wet but still use one umbrella because that would be the only way to get close to her. The best part being that you do not have to go to the expensive restaurants for lunch or dinners. All she yearns for is a walk down the quiet lane and holding hands. Have not you seen the bollywood movies? Many romantic songs are video graphed in the rains. They are the epitome of love and togetherness. A normally crowded park will be vacant and you will have your moments of privacy. Brave the rain only when there are no chances of lightning. You will have to keep safe prior to getting romantic.

  1. Board games


While most of us are almost always plugged into our laptops and phones, take a rainy day to pull out your old school board games. It has been ages since you played the monopoly! Be prepared to bring on the scrabble, Uno, Pictionary and a plethora of other board games. Rains can be quite dampening at times, to waver off the gloom, fun activities like these can uplift your mood. You can put your day to good use enjoying some quality time with friends and family.

  1. Football/basketball


Yes you read it right! Football is the game of this season. It definitely does not matter if you are a pro or not, football is simply a fantastic sport. Girls love to watch the guys sweating their hearts out to play the game. As a matter of fact, girls love those guys who play football. More than the players, we are fascinated with the sport itself. The same goes with the girls. There are more players on a basketball court when it is raining rather some other time. The atmosphere of monsoons is akin to an adrenaline warehouse where we see the handsomest of the players and the prettiest of the girls.

  1. Smell of the earth


One of the most sought after things when it rains are the smell of the wet mud. The fresh and earthly smell reminds me that the nature is beautiful and the rains are its best gifts. Did not I mention in the beginning of the article itself that rains can make you a poet by chance? Petrichor is the official term used for the peculiar smell after the rains. It is actually associated with the distinctive scent which is accompanied by the first rain after a long and dry spell of summers. If you are living in a metropolitan city, then the chances are rare that you will be blessed with such a clear and fresh smell. Hence we are left with the craving for that perfumed smell. Instead we are faced with the wet stinking of the garbage around. No wonder, rains are considered a menace by some residing in the city.

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