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5 Things You Should Not Do To Be Mentally Strong


How to live in an insensitive world where people just go by you? People put on a miserable face and rushing around like cockroaches. People are heartless. However, that is not everyone because there are good people out there, you just haven’t met them yet. I see it like this, the world is very simple, we make it complicated because we obviously like doing things twice. We always want the longer room. We are the only species that has to pay to live. Being free is our birthright therefore we all have a mission to fulfill and that is living in pure abundance. This should be our daily mantra and we should keep thanking universe on a daily basis for such a beautiful world. That is what makes us mentally strong but if you are doing any of the following things, you may not be strong enough mentally.

1. Don’t Follow the Crowd


As long as we follow the crowd, we can’t go past the crowd. The universe reveals its secrets to those who dare to follow their hearts. There are times when we are pondering the meaning of life like we should anyway. Its a great question to ask – What the hell am i doing here? Most of us are in a place where the only option we think we have is to go along, get along with friends, doing what they think is best, doing what our family thinks is best. We have to realize that we have only one life to live and therefore its all about tapping into our true authenticity while we are here. You don’t need to subject yourself to slavery because most of us are in this matrix because most of us are afraid to be alone. You will be able to see the beauty of walking through the wilderness and we discover our greatest secrets when we have the courage to follow our hearts and desires.

2. Don’t Externalize Your Power


It is so easy to worship someone outside of you soul but you have to realize that you are made from the same fabric as the universe. You can take back all your power because we are not the slaves of circumstances outside of us. If you are in relationship, be thankful, but if you are not in a relationship, thats okay. Becoming mentally strong is seeing that true happiness lies within yourself right now. Everything is changing. We are living in a transgene universe that is why all the power is within you. We have to start honoring people by connecting with those who remind us who we are. So that we can see that we are all having a unique experience on the planet. We have to honor our uniqueness instead of competing with one another and thats how we can become mentally strong.

3. Don’t feel sorry for Yourself


The biggest step towards becoming mentally strong is to realize that there is duality in the world. There is positive and there is negative. There is yink and there is yank. This whole life is full of contrasts. The greater awareness comes when you realize that you discover yourself through contrast  therefore be thankful to everyone who has come into your life because they have helped creating you. The good friends, the bad friends and the other people down the road. It is how life is designed to help us elevate.

4. Just Don’t play it small


A lot of us feel that we are doing the world a service by being humble and being meek. No. We do the world a service once we express ourselves a hundred percent which comes through a hundred percent self acceptance and self love. Many of us feel that our voice is not needed however the secret is that the true value is not in the words you have to say but in the energy you embody.  Because you are unique, you have a unique energetic signature. The more you can tap into it and put value on it, you become mentally stronger because you start to say – “Hey! I have value.” and thats when you start to fly.

5. Don’t try to please others


It is truly a long painful tiring task. Who wants to do that? Well, it seems there are a lot of people with their hand up. Why? There is no need of it. When you start speaking from your true authenticity there is always gonna be resistance but it feels better. If what i say is unpopular but i don’t care because it feels good and just when other people resonate with the information, i love it because its not about me, its about making the world a better place. Once we see that everyone is gonna have an opinion of us then we can focus on what we love to do because it doesn’t matter. Whatever we do, it will resonate because thats how its designed. We live in a world based on resonance, based on energy and based on frequency. You don’t have to please everyone and that really makes you mentally stronger because you say – Even if i make a mistake, it doesn’t matter. Even if i fail, it doesn’t matter because guess what! It is all a part of my unique expression. So, love yourself a 100% and don’t fall into the trap of pleasing other people.

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