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5 Things That Make Or Destroy Relationships


If you are ready for love, it is going to come and when its comes, it is going to come with a thunder. Get ready to experience every season under the sun. Relationships serve as mirrors showing us our brightest light or our darkest shadows. For me, there are five principles of a good relationship which are fun, chemistry, passion, trust and fun. These are the traits of a happy go lucky relationship. It is all about understanding each other and accepting one another as it is. If you are going to make amends in behavior and nature of each other then sorry, but it is not a relationship, it is just a machinery work. So, here are 5 things that can either make relationships or destroy them.

1. Fun


This is when we can loosen up in front of the person we are with – doesn’t matter your gender preference. They bring out the best in you, you start smiling around them, you start singing, you start spinning around and you are having a good time. This is a key factor in a relationship. But a sense of humor can also shatter the relationships badly because sometimes we are so much lost in babbling around that we speak some things that we really don’t mean and end up hurting his or her feelings. So, a sense of humor is good because everybody likes it but it should be within the limits.

2. Chemistry


I see that all relationships are based on vibration therefore a good chemistry goes a long way. Many of us are in relationships where it is just off but we are still there. How do you speak to your partner or the one you are attracted to, molds them. Words really matter therefore the power of the word holds tremendous amount of power and energy. It is not the words we use, it is energy behind the words we use. What are you talking about in your relationship. You know that you are with the wrong person if your conversation between each other doesn’t go more than three minutes. You better run. So, the chemistry is a fundamental trait of a successful relationship. It can nurture a relationship into a beautiful bond or it can break some of the best relationships.

3. Appreciation

Man Kissing Woman's Forehead

It is important to respect the one you love just like the first day you met them. In the initial moment, when you meet someone – Oh, i love this person. You appreciate them even when you have just met them. Down the line the people get complacent, they get lazy and they don’t appreciate one another. To build a better relationship, we have to start appreciating and loving each other and create that spark again by being thankful to person we are with. How much you desire to be with the one you love? Ask yourself this question today.

4. Passion


You can’t buy passion. This is something which has to come from within and that is why you can’t force love. You see a beautiful woman, she looks beautiful on the outside but does she have this radiance inside her. The inner radiance is what creates passion. You could be someone you don’t know what it is but you have just drawn to them. You are just attracted to them and you wanna be around them 24×7. You have this passion for them and the more you can cultivate this passion the more your relationship will thrive. To cultivate the passion, first and foremost, we have to tap into ourselves because passion is generated when there is an infinite flow within the body. When you are tired, you don’t have the passion to do anything. When you are healthy within yourself, you have all of this energy, you wanna jum up and down, touch the ceiling and touch the sky. When you are in relationship and you have passion, your passion extends to the person you are in relationship with. Therefore it becomes easier to build a strong and healthy relationship.

5. Trust


Certain people are in relationships with other people and they are not allowed to look at anyone else. “Get off Facebook”, “Don’t talk to that woman or don’t look at that man.” We have to move past this idea of ownership. We don’t own anybody but the other person, whom we are in relationship with, is actually our complementary. She or he is allowed to look at anybody and do anything they want. Who are we to tell them that they can’t. When you can trust each other in a relationship, you create a better relationship that thrives long. Because you can only only loose what does not belong to you. Once you begin to trust each other, you find so much energy is created which includes communication, passion, fun and enjoyment. Because you are letting go and freeing up all the space and all of this energy. It is all about accepting each other’s expression of freedom. Once you can free yourself from this trap of ownership and taking your partner as granted that is really evolutionary for you and your relationship. Trust is a great factor that can destroy many relationships.

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