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5 Things To Do Indoors During Summer


Summer time is probably one of those times when one is faced with the much hated dilemma. As to whether one should stay inside or go outside and enjoy the sun. Well the same dilemma is faced by most of us even during the Winters. But the difference is that during winters going out in the sun seems like walking through heaven, which is quite the opposite during the summer. Coming back to summers, as it is summer time. What should one do? The idea of going to Southern hemisphere and spending the summer, which is their winter, sounds a little ridiculous. But going out in this extreme weather is almost impossible, until or unless you love the sun and love turning yourself into Tandoori Chicken. The question that arises next is, what should one really do because sitting inside all day long can get really very boring and at some levels exhausting. It could be because there is not much to do within the 4 walls of the house. So here are some ideas that will help you make things exciting during within the 4 walls of your house this summer.

1 Movies:

movie-montageMovies is one of the most common and accessible time pass of the century. You have nothing to do then you can switch on your television and watch the movie that is playing on that particular channel. If you are a fan of Rom-Com, then you can always turn on to Romedy Now and watch any movie from anywhere and pass your time. But now your days of watching all those extremely light movies are gone. You have a lot of time in your hand, so why don’t you spend it on watching pure art movies or movies that you have been putting off for long or something extremely heavy. This is the right time to watch it. Make a list of the movies that you have heard about and always wanted to watch but could never lay your hands on it and go to your nearest rental show and get it.

2. Television Series:

logotyo1Most of us have gotten bored of the regular daily soaps that play on the tv. They have the same old drama, the same old characters, the same old plotting and surprisingly most of them have similar story lines. Now is the time to get your ass to move from that couch and order the DVD or the Blu-Ray set of those television series that you have been putting off for so long. If you don’t want to do that you can always pick up watching some old ones which play on the Television. Like Zee Café has re-runs of the classic favourites of The Big Bang Theory and 2 and a half men or watch Breaking Bad on FX or maybe House on Star World. If you are an avengers fan then this is your perfect time to get on and start watching The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The television is full of surprises, you just need to look hard enough.

3. Books:

Books? Some of you may question their existence, but well they do exist and this is possibly the best time to make use of it. Books, help one to grow a lot as a person. They help you in building your vocabulary and gives you life lessons. In some way it also helps you to develop a writing style. The best part of reading books is that makes you sound smart in front of a lot of people. Well, that’s not exactly why people read books, but then for a non-reader it is an incentive. One may say that we can always google. Yes, Google will provide you with information but when you can get first hand information and relive a few things through someone else’s eyes then what is the harm? download (1)

4. Turn yourself into a host:

If you are by any chance a foodie and do not know how to cook, then this is the time you should try your hand at it because you never know whether you might get another chance at it or not. Get out of your bed and put on your slippers and go and force yourself into the kitchen. The next step is to stand on your father’s or mother’s head and ask them to teach you. Cooking might seem a lot difficult but it is quite simple if you get the hang of it. Spend a few days cooking and prepare a few meals for your family. Only practice will make you perfect. After a while when you believe that you have enough knowledge about food, then it is probably the right time to host a dinner or a lunch party or maybe a Sunday brunch. Call over all your loved ones and cook your heart away. Not literally. Just do it whole heartedly and there is no chance that you will fail at it.images

5. Be a Nerd:

keep-calm-and-be-a-nerd-56Whoever said that being a nerd is an uncool thing doesn’t know anything about nerds. Being a nerd is one of the coolest things that could happen. You seem to know about everything and turns you into a curious person. So it is time you let that nerd of yours out. Spend time gathering up knowledge on things that you have always been curious about. The most important thing to do is to catch up on current affairs and cultivate the habit of reading the newspaper. By the time you are back to your old life you know almost all that is extremely important to know. It will help you in interacting with people better as you will be able to talk on any topic. Right knowledge can never be harmful.

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