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5 Things Not To Do On A First Date


Did you just get lucky and your prayers have been answered? And that too, by none other than Cupid? Have you finally broken out of your shell and mustered the courage to go on your first date with that teenage high school crush of yours or the guy you just met in that neighbourhood supermarket? If the answer to them or anything of that sort is affirmative, then you definitely have googled something or the other about T-H-E first date. Your friends would give you an entire to-do list of things that you are supposed to say or do, in order to impress your date. However, we all know that in spite of numerous mock dates and mock conversations we have with our best friend whilst preparing for the real deal, we are infinitely capable of falling flat on our faces and making a fool out of ourselves. In order to save you from that embarrassment, we have brought you a list of things you should definitely steer clear of while going on a first date with someone.

1. Don’t Say ‘I Love You’


I love you                leads to this           i love you 2

So, we understand that you grew up with a heavy dose of rom-coms and Mills and Boons is like the alphabet for you. But then, you know you can wait for the right time to say the right thing to the right person. It is an obvious thing that you cannot judge a person on your first date so much so that you will just speak those three holy words just like that! Didn’t your mushy romantic novels teach you not to mistake Mr/Miss Right Now for Mr/Miss Right? You might just be too desperate to fall in love and have a companion by your side but in order to have a sound relationship, you ought to get out of that desperation and refrain from saying ‘I Love You’ on the first date!

2. Don’t Pretend

dont pretend

How would you feel if your date was just a combination of traits of various characters from the popular sitcoms? That person might seem charming in the beginning but soon you would realise that it is merely a façade and you need to let go of that person. It is therefore better not to indulge in creating a virtual avatar of yourself in real time. You can just be yourself on your first date and still manage to get a chance to go on a second date. Remember not to change yourself for something as small as a date. Be your silly, clumsy, awkward self. This is any day better than pretending to be a Carrie, with a mind of Sherlock and attitude like Sheldon with an added element of Ted Mosby when you are nothing more than Gunther! If it is meant to be, it will be. Que sera sera!

3. Don’t Discuss Family

dont discuss family
There are no surprises in the fact that if you are on a first date then sooner or later you run a high risk of getting short of topics to talk about. However, there are some topics that are taboo and a strict no-no for a first date. Who wants to know why their date’s cousin got divorced or how many babies does the date’s brother has? Unless you have a certain connection within your families, there is no way why you should give out intricate details about your family to a person whom you have met for a purpose which is definitely nowhere close to family counselling. Making a passing reference to the members of your family is acceptable but going on and on about why you loved the wedding ceremony of that distant cousin of yours will just create more and more distance between you and your date.

4. Don’t Talk About Intimacy

Now that you are on a date, you probably have the thought of getting physically intimate with the person sitting across you in near future. However, you do not have to project yourself as a maniac and creep the hell out of your date. This is not specific to any single gender. No matter whichever gender you belong to, you do not have to discuss about intimacy on first date. This is plainly maintaining social decorum and is nowhere related to conservatism. You would definitely want to get to know the person better than getting to know what goes on in their bedrooms, no matter how tempting does the latter option sound.

5. Don’t Click A Selfie

dont click a selfie
If you do this, you are history. You shall then be banned from the world of dating. This is a dating-blasphemy. It is fine that you love yourself and your selfie per hour ratio is higher than the distance upon time ratio of light. But, clicking a selfie on your first date, with or without your date, is the worst thing that you can do! Not only will you leave the other person at a loss for words, but also you will scar the psyche of your date for lifetime by committing this utterly insensitive act. For the love of DSLR, chuck that selfie!

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