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5 Things To Do When You Feel Low!


Life is full of ups and downs, joys and sorrows, failure and success. Life is bittersweet. Life is complicated and simple, both at the same time. Life is messy. But, most of all, every life is beautiful in its own unique way. The way we feel keeps on changing just as the situations do. You cannot always feel happy or sad. Their are always variations. Life is change. It keeps on moving from one phase to another, where every phase is equally beautiful in different ways.

Life is also tough these days. So hectic, with loads of work to do. We normally do not really have time to relax and unwind. Finding time for ourselves and our families is such a hard task now! I mean, when was the last time you spent some quality time with your family? True, after a crappy day at work, all you want to do is gulp down some wine and curl up in your bed. But, is that a healthy approach? Is it not better that you work out your issues? When you are upset, the mind becomes all fuzzy. You may even weep causing your eyelids to swell and your face to get dull. I ask you, is that healthy?

Stress and sadness can be cured by a lot of well tested methods. In the modern world, people are normally alone and do not have actual people to talk to, so, they get a psychiatrist. I just cannot digest the fact that people are so alone that they need to pay people to listen to their problems! So, you go to this psychiatrist and get some anti depressants or something. These pills should never be taken lightly. See, from the time you were born, you have been completely fine. If the circumstances have changed, then you need to adapt. Adopt a way which is easy for you to implement. Life is this gigantic wave of energy– shocks and stimulants. You have to accept what is and make the best of it.

So, what do you do when you are sad? The most common answers would be: Walk, listen to music, eat or sleep. I ask you, do these always help? Because if improving your mood was this easy, the psychiatrist’s business would be in danger! Here are a few ways of getting yourself out of that foul mood you have been in since ‘forever’.

1) Dance or Sing

You may not feel like it. You may even think this is stupid. But, you know, you could channel so much energy, so many feelings into your art. Be it painting or crafts as well. Taking your emotions out via an artful channel is a productive thing to do. You might even get good results which would transform into good feelings instead of the lousy way you have been feeling all day long.

2) Take A Shower

Feel clean and fresh. Sit down, have something to eat (human proportions please. Remember: You eat to live and not live to eat.) Pamper yourself. Keep calm and maybe try on a pretty hairstyle or just laze around. Fix a grin on your face even when you feel like you just cannot.

3) Talk to an old friend or your mom!

Yes, this is my personal opinion that whenever you feel upset, you just give your mom or best friend a call and talk it out. What will happen with your mom is that she’ll say nice things about you, the true ones, and make you see sense. What will happen with your best friend is that after you’re done talking, you two can meet up and get wasted and forget the entire day.

4) Solitary Bliss

Be in your room, and relax. Do not sleep. Just think about what went wrong and what you could do to avoid such a thing in the future. You can maintain a diary as well. It provides a good channel into which you can pour all that you feel. Another thing, that improves your written English as well.

5) Watch your favorite Sit-Com!

I can vouch for this one. I have had some terrible news lately and watching 2 Broke Girls really helped me feel better. You can watch what you like (no soppy stories please!), be it The OC or 90210 or Gossip Girl or Suits or House, anything! Just divert your attention from the problematic matter for some time and dwell upon it when your mind feels capable of doing so.

So, these are my top 5 ways of feeling better when I am feeling low. I hope you found these helpful. Stress or sadness is just a way of mind. All it needs is a little time as time heals everything. After the darkest cloud comes the sunshine. Always remember that. Also, never forget that your family loves you no matter what and there is someone who always thinks about your before going to sleep at night.

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