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5 Things all coffee lovers can relate to


Is waking up to the aroma of coffee every morning your idea of a good morning? Do you find yourself sipping on coffee at odd hours, in the middle of meals, right after meals, before meals, all the time? Do you get turned on each time you enter into a coffee shop because of how wonderful it smells? Are you a partial insomniac thanks to all that caffeine going into your system? If yes, then you’re definitely a coffee fanatic. And don’t worry you’ve got plenty of company. I know well, just too many people with endless love for coffee. I’m pretty much a coffee lover myself and I’m surrounded by too many of them too, gladly so. But we coffee lovers also have to go through a series of questions, especially by those who do not understand our almost absurd love for coffee or maybe those who prefer tea over coffee, or probably liquor, because if you ask me personally, coffee over booze any day. My best friend ends up having coffee every time she can’t decide what else to have. It’s like Maggi is your staple food, and coffee is your staple beverage if anything like that exists. But you can’t expect everyone to love coffee or understand your obsession with it, so well you might as well come across a lot of people throwing anomalous questions at you too and then again you’ll have just coffee things that only another coffee lover can relate to. Let’s have a look at some of these.


  1. “So you have like 5-7 cups of coffee every day? Do you like eat anything else?”

I understand that coffee has milk, but I’m not surviving on coffee even if I appear to be. Plus who ever has 5-7 cups of coffee anyway? I love coffee doesn’t mean I have it like back to back all day all night. I have it sometimes, maybe once in the morning, once in the evening but that’s all. Stop exaggerating my coffee intake and making it sound unacceptably high. Also, do not mistake my love for coffee for addiction. And stop expecting me to answer odd questions.


  1. The midnight coffee craving

Now you know it’s about time you slept but then you really want your dose of caffeine and you’re in two minds whether to have just a little cup of coffee or doze off, and then you try to be strong and you finding yourself lying awake in bed because every time you shut your eyes that little cup of sheer bliss is right in front of you. So you finally wake up and make yourself just a little coffee and then you’re unable to sleep for another couple of hours because of that shot of caffeine. Coffee turns you a little bit of an insomniac. You know it’s completely screwing with your sleep cycle but you’re letting it do that anyway. Love doesn’t make a lot of sense now, does it?


  1. Late night post coffee trauma

Now you can’t sleep since you’ve already had your caffeine dose for the night so you’re going to stay up anyway. Now you think of well a couple of a productive things to do, so you’ll probably pick up a book to read but you can’t concentrate, or your room mate wants you to switch the lights off, everyone’s not an insomniac like you. So then you resort to texting, but you discover that you’re the only person up at 3 am. So you go to social networking websites and start stalking random people when you don’t find anyone interesting to talk to or re- read old text conversations and feel sad. The night doesn’t quite bring out the best in most of us, and sleeplessness just aggravates the trouble.


  1. Odd obsession with chilling at coffee shops

Whenever you’re out, and you can’t decide where to go you just settle for a coffee shop, each and every time. Your friends are getting sick of it and so is your boyfriend, they want to do something different but your affliction towards coffee shops and the aroma just pulls your feet right at it’s door almost like you’re sleepwalking. You don’t want to try another drink if you’re at a café, you just want coffee. Always. Everywhere.

coffee shop exterior

  1. The tea versus coffee debate

You don’t even want to get into the tea versus coffee debate because you already know coffee wins hands down. There’s just no question there. You find this debate in itself rather farcical so you don’t really like getting into this argument. Every time someone starts counting the pluses of tea in respect of coffee you give them a glare of hate and you want to put them in a sack and dispose them off into the sea. You don’t want to hear about it, how hard is it to understand? Love knows no reasons or bounds.


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