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5 Things to Do Before the Bell Rings for the New Academic Year!


After a long vacation, it indeed usually becomes harder for students to get up early in the morning and go back to his or her daily college routine and getting up early in the morning after all those late nights is a task which too hard for the starting days of the new academic year. The laid-back and relaxed lifestyle of the vacations makes you very lazy by the end of your vacations so, preparation is a key for a happy first day at your college of your new academic year. The hang-over of your vacation can take a long time to go away but, its not impossible to get out of the relaxation zone. It is possible by following a few good habbits which will make you more ready to go to your school or college happily.  Bellow are five tips for how you can get ready for the new academic year that stands right ahead of you.

  1. Be prepared for the changes in advance:

Discussing and researching about the academic year in which you are going to take a step to is very much needed as it is a vital necessity these days with the immense academic pressure and competition around. you can start by opening  up by taking a step forward  and beginning by telling your concerns, doubts and fears regarding this new academic year with your family, friends and your seniors as they have already experienced this phase in their life and are much aware of the pros and cons and this will give you a great motivational stream to face and over-come the fears of entering into this higher level of education in your fourth-coming school or college. If it is a transition from one school to another then talk about it in advance with the people around you and choose to find out a way with which you can take can an advance tour of the institution. Also, web searching about your new institution is the best remedy to kill fear these days. So, smile and get ready for your school.

  1. Buy your supplies early and get more than you require:

Most people don’t worry about trivial matters like stationary and supplies until the last minute. But, buying early means you will have all the important stuff without the rush in the last minute. You won’t have to be in a panic state in the night before you approach the new academic year if you have bought more than what is required for you in your school or college. Buying your books from before is an extremely good idea as you never know if you buy them towards they end they might go out of stalk and later it may take forever for them to come back for sale again and till you don’t receive the book you will have to struggle going to your school or college without books and giving tests without necessary books is a pain. Buying extra is also always the best way to be prepared for your new academic year.

  1. Sketch out a Routine:

Let it be memos, sticky notes on a wall or maybe a big mind-mapped plan on the notice board above your study table as sketching out a routine for yourself will make your life easier and less complicated for the new academic year. Make it as detailed as possible. And if it is not getting adjusting into your daily actions then try revising your routine plan again. Being organized is the key to success and making arrangements for your assignment is quiet beneficial for your future task which will me followed in your new academic year.

  1. Get Organized the Night Before:

Before you go to bed, make sure everything is ready to go for the first day of the new academic year. Your bag should be packed with everything required for the coming day, your uniform or the clothes you wish to wear in your college for the next day should be ironed and kept on an hanger with all the accessories ready along with it, ideas for breakfast and lunch should be ready as well and all other essentials should be prepared and should be sitting right there by the door.

  1. Allow extra time:

Here by extra time is essential, it is not to be assumed that this extra time should be five minutes or maybe 10 minutes but, give yourself at least an additional half hour or an hour extra in the morning before getting up and being there out of the door. You might need this cushion for a few days or even weeks until you get back into the school groove for your new academic year so, adjust that alarm for a little while till you get used to with the routine! This will help you a lot as you will never make yourself late for any lectures or class and you will be able to give yourself a full attendance in this new academic year and this could be something you never managed to do before.

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