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5 Tell-tale Signs To Wander off a Relationship with a Drug Addict


As the people of this curious little world, we love to explore our extremities. And when it comes to relationships, we bound ourselves to exhibit every new dimension. But it is certain that if these new dimensions revolve anything around drug addicts, then it would be time to change paths for the better.

The thing with such relationships is that they are preordained failure right from the beginning. And there’s nothing more in it than despair, and misery. Through the course of your life time, there might be people who would enhance your life, and some will complete chop it off the ground. And drug addicts are so at par with the latter.

It might be fun to you in the prior months, but before you know you would be cleaning off cocaine or weed from bathroom sinks, and getting into illegal situations one way or other. It might affect your studies or work with disenable pressure. And that would be something you would not be looking for in a relationship. Sure, there are reasons for everyone to indulge into this kind of behaviour, but you need to know that you don’t owe them shit to get treated like shit time and again. Even stats tells that being in a relationship with a drug addict might lead to psychological traumas. I think we have cleared the picture for a bit.

Here we provide some of things that could be expected while having a drug addict as your better half (read: worse):

Drug is the only thing they love

You might be considering the idea that every person has some good within themselves, and it doesn’t count what behaviour he/she puts himself into. It might be cliché setting for a movie, but in real life – it never happens (apart from miracles). Drug addicts have no idea of what they’re pursuing, and love will always come to them as the last thing on their mind. They crave for the one and only thing they’re in love with : their addiction. You might try to fight it off, but you can’t be their priority, ever.

You might want to keep your eyes closed, and believe in the good and love. But it will shackle you off the ground later, and there you would be thinking about all the things that happened and looking for signs. And trust us, they are always there: the signs, easy tell-tale signs. You might choose to forgive him, and trust on the love; but you need to know that every possible emotion needs a basic ground of sanity.


They would always be low on money

No matter how good job they have, or how much money they’re making per week: They would always be low on the money track; as their addiction costs them a fortune every single time. And you will left spending more money than you own, for them. You would be paying for dinners, concerts, weekends, vacations, essentials and everything you can think off. They would always say, they can’t afford this or that. It can even put you on debt sooner or later. And it might be hard to break it into your head, but you will left with being ripped off with your money and emotions.


They would tend to get it into your bloodstream

As you are in a relationship with a person who’s the first and foremost priority is drugs, it is easy to assume they would pass on the best they have to you. Consider the situation, the person you’re in love (we’re assuming right there) with offers you a hit of marijuana/cocaine at the bar you usually hang out, what would be your answer? We think everyone will say No, but with a little persuasion, you will end up being high and doped in someone’s apartment. That is not something to look forward into.


They’re often in another dimension

More often or not, drug addicts have a great gig around themselves and fun to be around but believe the fact that they’re not living in the same dimension as yourself. It might be a awe-inspiring idea to get doped as damn on a Tuesday night, and having a fun ride of LSD all over, but again it’s not realistic. You can’t brush off the fact that you have a life, and although you might fight it back, but you have to go to college/work next morning and they don’t have to. And even if they do, they don’t care. Such decisions are affecting your career and life high-time so take a mind before putting the next foot into the muddle.

They would be bad in relationships

Let’s clear the air for a bit, most importantly we’re talking about yours but it doesn’t end there only. And the thing is they don’t care. And it would be easy to assume that they have bad relationships back home, and around their friends circle (the one without drug addictive nuts) and their workplace. They have an addiction to attend to, and such ideas of holding onto a relationship or a job for that matter is too real for them to handle onto.


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