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5 Steps To Be Your Own Guru


It is a known fact that we spend most of our lives doing what others would want out of us. As children we tend to do it because our judgement has not fully developed as yet. But as we grow older our judgement develops and even our most important organ , which also called the sixth sense organ by many philosophers, The Brain. Brain is a tricky thing no doubt about that and it is a known fact that no human ever known has been able to use the brain to it’s full capacity. But that question is for later. Our brain plays us false and guides us and sometimes it is guided by others. With the change in the lifestyle, the minds of the people are being guided by others increasingly. The space for artistry and individuality has gone down. It is believed that spirituality is dead at least in the first world countries and people from these countries flock to India in search for spirituality. India is known to be the home of spirituality since the beginning of time. Our way of life was spiritual and in some places it still is. But one is never to far away from it. It is said that one needs to spiritual in order to be a calmer person. But to practice spirituality in it’s full strength is a difficult thing. So here are some tips which will help you to be a calmer person and lead you a few steps closer to be a spiritual person and help you to be your own guru and not to follow anyone else.

1 Responsibility

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We are always told to be more responsible in our day to day lives. And not run away from our responsibilities. Most of us believe that responsibilities are sort of a burden on our shoulders. But responsibility is that thing which none of us can shrug away from when we have to live in a society, because it helps to live peacefully amongst the people. The most important thing that one should learn how to take responsibility of is, of the actions carried out by one. One should learn to be responsible for themselves if not for others. This will help one to be more aware about the actions and duties which one undertakes.

2. Acceptance:


‘Acceptance is the key’. Most of us question whether it really is the key or not?  The answer is yes, it is the key to everything. People have the tendency of accepting situations as time passes by. But the most important thing that one should accept is themselves. If one has that power and the capability of accepting themselves as the way they are, then it would help them in the longer run and would make one more open minded. When one has accepted themselves with all the faults, then one will be more open towards people and would see less negative and feel less negative too.

3. Observation:

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How many of us observe little little things that are a part of our lives and those things which change? Humans are one of those animals who have really advanced sense organs and other skills. What one should really do is, to put them to a good use, by observing things around them and making a note of them in your head.


4. Meditation:

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Once you have done all of those things, the next step is to meditate. Meditation is indeed one of the most difficult things to do. But what does one need to meditate on? One should meditate on themselves and things around them. Meditate on all what one has captured and meditate hard. Meditation helps one to pave a path towards being a better person. It helps one to learn all those life lessons which one hasn’t learnt in the previous events which have taken place. Meditation is a lot different from over-thinking and should not be confused with it at any cost. Meditation helps one to calm their soul and mind. Remember those questions which used to come back to you in the middle of the night and haunt you and not let you sleep? Meditating on yourself and things will help you in finding the answers to those tough and miserable questions.

5. Believe:

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The cliché’ line “Believe in yourself”. It  indeed is one of those lines which have been over-used for like centuries and will be over used for centuries to come without any doubt. But no matter what one may say, one cannot argue with the truth and the wisdom which this proverb proclaims. Believing in yourself is the key to everything. If you believe in yourself then you climb the mighty Mt. Everest or go to space, like all those great people have done and continue to do. Belief can change everything and it does. No this is not a chapter off the, ‘Secret’ book. To get something what one needs to do is believe. Believing can also help you find answers. When you believe it motivates you to look harder and meditate harder on things. When you meditate with all your heart and soul, you will find the answer to those great questions right in front of you. And the answer will leave you astonished and make you wonder why you never saw it before and also how ignorant you have been.

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