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5 Steps to Great Health


What should be the priority of ones life? Is it money, relations, friends or job? Yes, these are very important aspect of one’s life but how on earth you can enjoy having them in your life if you don’t live in a healthy body. So, the topmost priority of life is good health because you can take care of your family, you can earn a lot of money, you can have good friendship bond if you are healthy. SO here are some ways to help you achieve great health so that you can enjoy your life to fullest.

1. Stay Hydrated

stay-hydrated Drink lots of water. So many of us overlook the importance of water. Many people are drinking fizzy drinks. Drinking water truly keeps us into fine alignment. Water helps oxygenate the blood, lubricates the joints and everything is based around water. We are seventy percent water that is why it only make sense to drink a lot of water. Just when you wake up, drink water and see how this helps you so much, it detoxifies you, cleanses your blood, helps in generating your cells. However, the tap water is full of fluorite so what water we should drink? You have boiled water, alkaline water, if you live near the mountains, get mountain spring water, coconut water which is an amazing source of electrolyte potassium. It is more than the potassium bananas have. Coconut contains lurid acid which helps us boost our immune system so therefore we can get rid of any toxins within the body. We can heal ourselves and regenerate ourselves. So, drink a lot of water because it is the source of your life.

2. Eat to live

etlphoto1 This will help you towards better health, feeling great and feeling younger. Because many of us are not eating core foods and eat the things that don’t have necessary enzymes in them. That is the big difference between actual food and refined food. Refined foods have no enzymes which help us digest the food. Many of us cook food all the time and don’t realize that the higher the temperature we cook the food at, we are destroying the essential enzymes which help aid your own digestion. It is amazing that when we stop eating so many refined food our whole life changes because food is information and vibration. We have to get back to eating food with different colors because each food carries a specific frequency. Whenever the people are depressed or hurt, what do they do? The go and eat some junk food so the food we eat matches our own vibrational frequency. There are so many herbs, seeds, beautiful fruits because nature is an incredible artist. To improve our health we have to open our eyes and see what nature has laid out for us. We are the only species on the planet that eats and drinks at the same time but just when you change this, your health will really improve. When you are drinking coke and eating Lays with it, what you are actually doing is diluting the hydrochloric acid in stomach and because of that the food can not break down. That is why every other species eats and drinks at different times.

3. Go Vegetarian

ANIMAL-RIGHTS All the animals we are torturing on the planet, if we are eating them, we are taking on their pain and their torture. We are feeling a certain way and once you change your diet your anxiety is going to get released. Yes, there are other factors at play but we have to start respecting animals on this planet and that is the only way collectively our health can improve. When we start eating healthier and vegetarian food, slowly we begin to boost up energy levels and our health. The more humanity evolves, we will see that we don’t need animals to survive because nature has provided everything we need. Once you stop eating animals, you will feel better and your health is going to improve. Many of us are lured into a false sense of security that if i butcher animals, torture them and eat them i can get my necessary protein when there so many other rich sources of protein available.

4. Use Mind Power

it_photo_105508 We should remember to use mind power to move towards better health and to boost our energy levels. We can get our mind right if we want it badly enough. The thoughts we have are tangible realities. In essence, the thoughts create our reality because this is a thought based world because before there were things there were thoughts. So once we can actually see that just by changing how we see ourselves, this also improves our health. Many people don’t like the way they look and they have body image problems but once they can begin to love themselves a hundred percent, they can take a step forward to better health.

5. Get back into nature

KidWithFrog Breath in that fresh chi and dance around the nature. Do exercise and keep yourself fit. Anything you do in nature will help you. Many of us are indoors all the time when we need to get that full exposure of some light because we are solar beings, our bodies are in essence are solar panels. So the Vitamin D from the sun is amazing, fascinating and magnificent to help us move into harmony and equilibrium within ourselves. By moving our body, we begin to free ourselves and unblock the energy which is trapped there. So just be open to nature and see how your health improves.

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