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5 Sitcoms That Will Make You Laugh!


We all love to laugh. Laughter is the best recipe for good health. There are a lot of things that make us crack like crazy! Life s fun when you are happy and your days are filled with laughter, right? This article is for those 5 sitcoms that never fail to make me laugh. Read on for some more information.

People lead a stressful life these days. We are all so busy that we hardly get to relax and unwind. In the earlier days, normal conversations would make us laugh like crazy, hanging out with friends seemed like the best antidote! Now, times have changed and changed, they have, a great lot. People do not really have time to meet friends and talk to people that much– not leisurely conversations, anyway. So, the boring and dull grill continues, days that lack laughter. Here come the TV shows of today! TV shows have done a good deed by making people laugh. Have you ever thought why laughter shows are gaining prominence these days? They provide an escape from the reality. My dad does not watch the TV except for this one comedy show he loves! Comedy shows are generally for the entire family and they also help in increasing family bonding.
For the generation today, we have lost interest in local TV shows. We do not like most of what is being aired these days. Also, our generation has more interest in western TV shows. They may be known for slapstick humor but, they never fail to make us laugh. There are so many TV shows going on right now. Some well known sitcoms would include Seinfeld, The Simpsons and Full House. I am a fan of the shows of today mostly. Though I do like That 70s Show! The good thing about comedy sitcoms today is that the episode wraps up within half an hour. We normally do not have time to sit through a sitcom that lasts an entire hour!
Here is a list of 5 sitcoms that always make me laugh. If you have not seen all the sitcoms mention below, please do check them out!

1) F.r.i.e.n.d.s.

This is an epic sitcom, right? The sitcom is so fun and refreshing. The story revolves around 6 friends and their lives. Most of the story takes place within the apartment where Rachel and Monica live. Across the hall, live Joey and Chandler. The sitcom starts when Ross finds out that his lesbian wife is pregnant and Rachel runs away from her own wedding. The entire series is the love story of Rachel and Ross. By the end, Monica and Chandler get married and get two kids via adoption, Phoebe marries as well. Rachel and Ross end up together. In the entire series, the punches by Joey and Chandler are hilarious!

2) 2 Broke Girls

This is my recent favorite. The story revolves around 2 girls– Caroline Channing and Max Black. Caroline is a rich brat turned poor and Max has always been poor. They become friends when they start working in the same diner and become room mates by the end of the 2nd episode. The story revolves around them trying to fulfill their dream of owning a successful cupcake shop. The sitcom is still going on and the 4th season is expected to air in October. All the episodes are funny and but, there are some special moments in every episode that make the viewers laugh like crazy. Their journey is epic and so inspirational at the same time.

3) Two and a Half Men

Two And A Half Men Season 1

Who has not heard of Charlie Sheen? The man used to run the show! The story is funny even though it objectifies women or makes it feel like women are dumb and over emotional. If you overlook that small fact, you can actually see the dark humor that this show contains. The episodes, every single one of them is funny. There is hardly a dull moment. The story starts when Charlie lets his brother, Alan, and his nephew, Jake, to live with him as Alan is going through a divorce. The story slowly develops.

4) The Big Bang Theory

For all the nerds, I feel this is the greatest sitcom of the age! It is hilarious. I watch it every time I feel low. Sheldon is someone I adore though he seems to irritate everyone. For me, he is the center character of the show. The story revolves around a bunch of scientists who are quirky in their own ways! How Leonard falls in love with his neighbor, Penny and how Sheldon starts dating Amy. The show shows how the characters develop their relationships in life. The show has the exact right amount of nerd in it.

5) The Simpsons

Homer fans, here? The sitcom is among America’s greatest contribution to the entertainment industry. The Simpsons is funny and the weird family is also hilarious to watch! I, personally, do not LOVE the series. But, there are a lot of people who are crazy about this sitcom (basically because I like watching real people and not animated sitcoms) but then, it all depends on personal choice. The series is funny though. If I read a random funny quote from the series, I do tend to crack up.
So, here is a list of 5 sitcoms that will make you laugh. Hope you check them out soon.


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