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5 Signs it’s Time to Call it Off


Relationships are crazy, emotional, and sometimes delusional. Basically, there are some relationships that aren’t meant to be. We , as humans, are bound to mentally and physically bond with the opposite gender and it happens quite frequently these days. We get into relationships, sometimes we get early signals that it’s not gonna work out and we back off. But sometimes, the signals come pretty late, with time and that makes it really difficult to break away. Because relationships are meant to be pure and you have to give your heart and soul into them to make them work, a lot of us aren’t able to completely devote ourselves and find it falling apart. We sometimes ignore to notice that we’re just dating just for the heck of it or because we’ve been with someone for too long and it’ll eventually work out. But we might be degrading our whole life because of that one decision to carry it forward despite the clear indications that it’s time to break up. Here are several signs that indicate it is time to break up and move on.

1) You don’t get the respect you deserve

Respect is something we all expect from people around us. The thing about respect is, you can’t demand it. It either comes straight out of the other person’s heart or it just does not. Loving each other isn’t enough to make a relationship survive. For some people, being over possessive is a form of love. For some, arguing endlessly and making up out of obligation is love. When two people respect each other, they listen to each other and are willing to sort out differences the mature way and not just fight all time and increase the differences. If you think your partner is not giving you the respect he should, and there’s no way the situation is going to improve, you’ve just your first sign that tells you you’ve had enough.


2) Talking leads to arguments

So you and your partner are having a rough time lately and you decide to talk it out in order to try and smooth out the differences. But each time you begin talking, something or the other irks you both and you start arguing over something which you later realize was far less important than the real issue. If you can’t listen to what your partner says or if your partner doesn’t pay heed to what you have to say and everything just leads to a bitter argument, it’s time to break up. Constantly putting up arguments creates a void in a relationship which can’t be filled if you’re not willing to work towards it. Reconciliation happens when two people set their differences aside and talk it out. But with your own little issues, you can’t focus on the bigger picture and that’s when you take the final step.


3) Your relationship is making you a bad person

At times, the trouble that you’re facing in a relationship changes you. You become somebody else, somebody you weren’t before. The relationship transforms you in the most unpleasant way possible. You might feel the need to vent out your frustration but you can’t because that’s going to trigger the situations and make it graver. Constantly being pissed off and not finding a way to rant out your annoyance could lead to all the wrong emotions finding space in your mind and then building up just to explode when it gets too much to take. Staying in a bad mood due to the problems you’re facing in your relationship could make you irritable. That is when you should get out of the relationship, when it annoys you and makes you a really different person, someone you do not wish to be.


4) The spark isn’t there anymore

There are people who love only one person all their life and spend their lives with just that one person. The physical involvement becomes drab after a point of time but the emotional attachment is solid in such lifetime relationships. Loss of interest is one of the strongest reasons why you should break up. You might have been head over heels in love with each other in the beginning of the relationship which is just how it usually is. But if you feel that there’s the spark missing that keeps the relationship going by keeping the excitement and longing for each other alive, there’s no use in dragging it along. Being busy on calls while you’re on a date, making excuses to avoid going out are all signs of the relationship going lifeless. No better time to walk out of it than now.


5) Because walking out right now will save you the drama

Breaking up hurts. It does. But it gets better with time. Cliche but true. There’s no such pain you can’t deal with and breakups happen all the time. Just because you’ve been dating for a really long time does not mean that it is going to last forever. To lose interest in a relationship or feel no more attracted to the person you had once fallen for is natural. To be in that relationship just because you are scared to walk out of feel that it’s too late is just deteriorating things further. Breaking up right now, will make your life easier. The more time you invest into it, the deeper you fall into the trouble. Save yourself the drama that is likely to happen when you end it after dragging it for a long time.


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