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5 signs that suggest you’re a foodie


Food? I think that’s one word and too many feelings attached to it. There was a time when we were taught that a minimum basic level of food is essential for survival and things like balanced diet are important and how it governs how healthy we are. But if you ask me, food is simple plain terms is love redefined. No matter where you are what you’re doing, who’s dying, living, whether there’s a zombie apocalypse or the world’s coming to an end, as long as you have a slice of your favourite pepperoni pizza in hand, everything’s heaven, hell is paradise, and the world is perfect. Your utopian vision is probably living in the middle of burger buns and swimming in chocolate rivers and picking candies off your garden. Maybe I’m sounding a little childish now but well, food is love and there aren’t a lot of people who’d disagree. I don’t have much of an appetite but even then just the sight of good food never fails to make me happy. It’s my go to thing when I have nowhere else go, sitting and munching on random food items and watching a movie is my idea of a day well spent. And yet I wouldn’t call myself a foodie. So then what makes you a foodie? Let’s find out.


You can eat just about ANYTHING:

You’re not very picky about the food you eat. You’re pretty flexible in terms of the cuisine you’re having, and you’re always ready to try something new. As long as you know it’s good food your stomach never says no. Hence you’re the one person everyone prefers asking for lunch or dinner because you’re never going to cancel and they know it. Food is a priority over everything else and you’re rather proud of that. You can eat at a fine dine, hog on street food or pick up ten different kinds of chips you find at a local store, point is you’re going to eat so whatever works for you.


You’re always the one to decide the menu:

Whenever you go out for lunch or dinner with your buddies, the menu automatically walks into your hand like magic. Everyone has faith in your palette because of how much you eat and what all you’ve tried so they just hand it over to you and you decide the menu for the day, even though you’d let the drinks be on them sometimes. And never do you go wrong with the food you choose, their taste buds eventually just surrender to your fine tastes and they end up thanking you for all the lovely food you chose to feed them.


There’s food for every mood:

You’re sad so you need a lot of desserts, probably just a little dip into the chocolate fountain will suffice. You’re excited so you need lots of spice or lots of cheese, and then you just want to lie down and admire all that went into your tummy. You’re feeling rather lazy, then you just need a box of popcorns and lots of cold drink and some chips and nachos and maybe a hotdog would do. And if you’re tensed you just probably just need some finger food that you can keep munching on till you feel better. So there’s basically no mood that doesn’t make you crave for food. Some disastrous issue has to happen for you to not be willing to eat and you know it.


You never refuse when offered food but you hate sharing your food

Sharing is caring, isn’t it? Not when it comes to food. You’re possessive about food in an  unhealthy manner, almost like you’re in a relationship with it, so every time someone lays eyes on your food, you just ask them to back off. Even that formality of offering the other person is something you wholeheartedly detest. I mean come on man, if you wanted to taste what I’m having you should’ve just bought one for yourself too. That’s your thought process. Not that you’re generally a mean person but food just brings out the best and worst in you and you cannot help it. Meanwhile, if YOU have been offered food, you’ll never say no. You’re that one person whose eyes brighten up at the thought of free food so you’re always waiting for that one friend’s birthday treat who’s going to feed you loads.

Joey Doesn't Share Food

Diet isn’t your path to fitness

You might as well be the laziest person on the planet and maybe expanding at the speed of light but you just cannot diet to lose those extra pounds. You’ll go to the gym and sweat it out for as long as required but you won’t give up all that yummy food for it. You’d rather be round than be hungry, that’ll be more hurtful for you. Fat over fit works for you but no food doesn’t.

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