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5 signs that suggest you are a night person


Are you a complete night person? ; So much that you can barely differentiate between night and day anymore and that everything you’re supposed to do in the day you end up doing in the night? Basically the moon is sun for you and daylight annoys the hell out of you. All your feelings spring up in the night and you’re just so emotional that you don’t even know what’s wrong with you and why you’re overthinking like that but it’s happening anyway. You like batman more than ironman. That is debateable though and probably has nothing to do with your sleep cycle but I said it anyway. You’re sleepy all day and once it begins to get dark you’re so active you could even go skydiving. Dinner is more important than lunch and hence you hog all night. Your midnight hunger pangs are endless  and you’re usually surfing the net or exploring every social media website there is because everyone has slept off and you’re alone and jobless with no one to talk to because unlike everyone else, your day and night mean all the same, you can’t differentiate between them anymore. Clearly, you’re a night person. Let’s elaborately find out how.


  1. Screwed up sleep cycle:

Your goodnights usually reach people at 5 am in the morning because that’s when you sleep, even though that’s the time a normal healthy person would wake up to go for a run perhaps but well, that normal person isn’t you. Technically that shouldn’t even be a goodnight because it isn’t night anymore. But night for most people implies the time they sleep and that’s your time. And you wake up in the day, like afternoon. So your afternoon is your morning. Basically you’ve lost all sense of time and day and night quite literally. Every time someone asks you to wake up in the morning your heart sinks because alarms aren’t your best friends now, are they?


  1. Midnight hunger pangs:

You’re always hungry in the night, like always. As the clock strikes 12 you turn into Cinderella, only difference being you’re not looking for your shoe but lots of food. You munch on just about anything that crosses your sight and you just hog and hog endlessly because you woke up so late that you skipped  a meal anyway, and how long does a person go without food? Since you’re up till 4 or 5 in the morning you’re bound to feel hungry and you probably also end up drinking a lot of water too because you can’t always find a soft drink bottle in your fridge and you need a substitute.


  1. Too many emotional moments:

You’re that person who feels everything too deeply but in the night. You’re going to think about your ex, your childhood crush, someone who passed away, your board result, all the disappointments in your life and every single person who you’re not in touch with anymore even if they weren’t actually all that important. It’s just your thing. You might begin to watch the most emotional episodes of your favourite sitcom or you may end up texting your ex asking them why they destroyed you etc. Basically, you’re not in your senses and you can’t think straight and you’re going to end up doing things you’re most likely going to regret the next morning.


  1. Sneaking out and lots of partying:

You aren’t a Sunday brunch person. You want to go out and you really do but you’d anyday prefer going out in the night, whether it’s a drive and you end up sitting in a dhaba or late night clubbing with a couple of friends and lots of booze and loud music. Not that you cannot go for a lunch but you’re unlikely to get ready for it on time too, because of how late you wake up. You mostly end up cancelling all your day plans because at best you’d be ready by the evening. Hence you never get to go for the cheap morning show, and your movies are also all evening shows or late night shows. You’re the person who wants to dance the night away, who cares what time you wake up next morning or where you do as long as the night was crazy.


  1. Night is the only time you’re actually productive:

You’re sleepy throughout the day irrespective of how much you’ve slept, you’re just unfailingly lazy. You can’t concentrate or move from your bed. Once you sit and one place you’ve more like settled there and built an imaginary world there itself because your butt now knows no place else. But as soon as it begins to get dark, you’re so active that you could probably juggle several microwaves with those hands of yours. You study in the night, you work in the night, you even bathe and exercise in the night. That’s the only time you manage to convince yourself to do almost anything. It’s your only productive time.


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