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5 Signs That You Are Authentic


Many of us spend our whole lives trying to impress other people. Being authentic is where you start to impress yourself and try to become the greatest version of yourself. That is how we start to join these two things together. We obviously try to please other people but we also stay true to ourselves. We all are living in a world that is constantly trying to change us and there are so many external pressures out there. Being yourself takes a great level of mastery. Let us discuss some tools together that are going to help you on your journey. What different things authentic people do? What makes them so loving and happy all the time? It is simple. Because they are true and honest to themselves and do not live to please the world all the time. So, here are some signs which show that you are an authentic person.

1. Express How You Feel


Its that simple. Because being authentic is talking not only from your mind but from your heart space. That is the only way to be transparent. It is a key word “Transparency”. Being honest with how you feel is a gateway to freedom. It is very necessary to press pause button because most of us are not only desensitized but we have stopped listening to that inner voice. The authentic people always listen to the inner oracle because the first voice is the right one. There was a great psychological experiment which was called the Milgram Experiment and it was done to see how easy it is to get people to conform. It is also called the Obedience to Authority. What we are seeing in that experiment is that many of us obey authority without questioning. When you start to be a critical thinker and start asking more questions, then you become more authentic. Its not about just going along because that is the easiest thing to do in the world. So, it is very necessary to become curious and ask questions. Just stop conforming and express how you really feel and this is going to change your life for better.

2. Living Inside Out

Sad Caucasian boy hugging himself

We have to start living inside out as oppose from that outside in. Because we all want to act like we are doing perfect all the time. We have to change this thinking because it is stopping us from being the greatest version of ourselves. That is when the we get into the process of self discovery. WE have to see the power of thought in creating our reality. We have to see the power of words in creating our reality but also we have to see how we perceive our external reality. Everything in this world is based on beliefs because being authentic is when you develop that awareness and start taking responsibility for where you find yourself. You have to take responsibility for your emotions and being authentic is the only way to fly. Most of us, we want to use shock value, we want to use scare tactics but when we are in our true element, we free ourselves.

3. Supreme Confidence


When you start to trust yourself a hundred percent, you become more authentic. It means that you have to stop embodying the life you are living. The confidence comes from inside out, it is not something that you can get from someone. This is something that gets nourished if you believe in yourself. When you think you are worthy and you have total trust in your inner power then confidence comes automatically. This is the real authenticity when you can be yourself without somebody’s permission. When you walk the life you talk of, its easier to start being truthful to yourself. When you stay honoring your core frequency by placing yourself in the environment that complements your own energy, you can be more authentic than ever. When you go over your energetic boundaries, you will stop feeling uncomfortable, you will get rid of anxiety, depression and stress. It all starts with being more authentic.

4. Facing Your Fear


We all know that fear is nothing but a false evidence appearing real. You have to give yourself personal challenges everyday to face your fears to be more authentic. When you realize that you are with competition only with yourself, the fear disappears. It starts with realizing that fear is always in the past or the future but being authentic is all about living in the now.  It means moving not only into the radical action but putting value on what you have to offer the world. It doesn’t matter what people think, if they don’t agree with it then you are not afraid because you are authentic. You are not afraid of expressing yourself.

5. Embrace Uniqueness


When you see the uniqueness of your authenticity then you gain power. Many of us overlook our gifts, we overlook our talents because we feel that they are useless. We think that we don’t have anything what others don’t have and even if we realize that we have some special talent, we are still afraid to express it. Authentic people always work on developing their inner energy through exercising, through healthy eating, through being around amazing people that help lift their spirit. So, be authentic, smile, have fun and most of all, just be your authentic self.

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