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5 Reasons for using Aloevera!


Whenever you seek a beauty advice or a health remedy, the name ‘Aloevera’ pops up quite soon. This non-toxic herbal plant has gained immense popularity and wide acceptance since past several years. Its exceptionally well healing properties have captured the eyes of doctors, beauticians and health experts. Hence, market today is flooding with products having Aloevera as their chief ingredient. Be it creams, sun-burn healer gels, face wash, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, medicines, food items etc. Not only this, aloevera’s plant has become a must have in your kitchen garden too. It seems like this magical ‘plant of immortality’ fits everywhere for everyone.

From Queen Cleopatra to all the famous glamorous celebrities, Aloevera has been a must have beauty enhancing and health maintaining ingredient of all.

You can use Aloevera based products or Aloevera leaves in many ways. 7 most basic and effective of them are:-

1 Aloevera for clear skin and face

Being referred to as a natural cooling and refreshing agent, Aloevera based moisturizers and lotions are a big hit among all in summers. Their cooling properties are said to heal sun burns as well. Other skin problems especially pigmentation and dark spots are known to be completely cured with the use of Aloevera. This plant is a truly magical one. On one hand its anti allergic property is quite beneficial in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis and many more; on the other hand its anti inflammatory property helps in the reduction of redness caused due to acne. To add the icing on the top, its anti microbial property can completely cure acne and pimples. It also restores the moisture level of the skin and balances the pH level. Because of its cooling properties, it has also found its way as an aftershave gel.

use of aloevera

2 Aloevera for healthy hairs

Most concerning hair related problems of nowadays include hair fall, rough and brittle hairs, tangles hairs, patches on scalp, dandruff, dull hairs and dry scalp. And Aloevera has the potential to cure all naturally. Using Aloevera based conditioners will restore your hairs’ natural shine and lustre. At the same time, fizzy hairs will be a thing of past too. The leaves of Aloevera are rich in proteolytic enzymes which can cure the problem of hair fall to the root level. The science involved behind the success of these enzymes is that often our hair follicles get block. Blocking of hair fall occurs naturally when dead skin cells get accumulate on the scalp, the problem intensifies when they get mixed with sweat and dirt. Preventing this is not completely under our control. Blockage of hair follicles completely stops the growth of new hairs. Then such proteolytic enzymes come to our rescue, they remove the dead cells and hence hair growth is promoted.

use of aloevera on hairs

3 Aloevera for your stomach and for body detoxification

The external applications and benefits of Aloevera are numerous and so are its internal uses. The juice of Aloevera is rich in nutrients, minerals, vitamins and many active enzymes. It helps in proper digestion and very effectively cleanses out the entire digestive system. Problems like acidity and constipation are cured to a commendable extent. The most popular of its ingredient enzyme is Bradykinase which reduces the internal inflammation. The list of such enzymes is endless and so are the uses of this great plant.

4 Aloevera to fight against infections

Aloevera possess antifungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. These are pretty much sufficient to fight against infections. Ulcers, denture stomatitis, wounds and many other problems can be effectively removed. It also promotes cell growth. It has been tested against many infections by researchers across the globe and the results come out to be very positive. The infections which this plant can cure are not limited to only bacterial and microbial but extend to viral as well. It shows antiseptic properties as well and hence is a completely safe natural agent to use.


5 Aloevera against ageing

Yes, this one is very famous and most miraculous. Being full of antioxidants, Aloevera fights effectively against every free radical present in our body, thanks to a kind of mucopolysachharide known as ‘Acnemann’ present in it. These free radicals are solely responsible for speeding up the process of ageing. Apart from this, Aloevera is said to boost-up the process of skin renewal by seven to eight times and hence giving you a more youthful looking skin. Being rich in Vitamin E, it is a perfect anti-ageing agent.

aloevera for skin

Rather using it directly from the plant, I will recommend you to go with the herbal products made from it since they are deprived of all those parts which can prove to be harmful, for example, Aloin which is found in the outer layer of it. Although the side effects of Aloevera are not adverse or large in numbers but still it has been found that some people are allergic to this. Hence before using it to the fullest, it is advisable to use a small fraction of it and wait for a day, if any problem persists like itching or rashes or you develop some symptoms of allergy by taking it internally then you must discontinue its use at the earliest.

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