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5 Reasons To Look Forward To Winter!


So it has been a really sweaty and hot summer so long. I, personally, am bored and tired of the constant and never ending stream of sunlight. I want the winter to come! Yes, I do! I long for the days of summer to fly by and eagerly wait for the foggy mornings with a hot cup of cocoa in my hands. I long for cozy chats in a room full of blankets. I am tired of the sun. I can’t take it anymore. Do you know what it is like to drive in your car in the afternoon, when it has been parked in the sunlight for a couple of hours? It feels like a microwave! So, why not look forward to cold morning? Foggy air? Hot chocolate? Peanuts? I am sure you guys are tired of the summer as well. I really hope so. Good days on the beach are good but, that is not really possible for everyone to experience in a country like India. For Indians, holidays in the summer mean visiting the grandparents or something. Adventure trips are so far fetched! I have been desperately trying to plan a trip to Manali just to break the monotony!

Summer is pretty, bright and fun. But, my angle on this season is a bit different. I see summer as a good change for a while. Yeah, you get to wear pretty strappy tops and open toe sandals. But, winter is tradition. Winter means cozy. It means warmth and more family time! It means waking up to a day where the air is foggy and everything is beautiful shades of gray. Winter means hot food with lots of cheese. It means a chocolate drink at night by the fireplace. Do you not love that feeling when you just curl up in a warm quilt?

To cut the long story short, I love winter. So, here is my list of 5 reasons why you should look forward to winter!

1) The Food Get Warmer!

The foooood! Such amazing awesomeness just melts in the mouth. Eating by the fireplace is a wonderful feeling. You get to drink hot chocolate again. You get to eat hot pizza, again. During the summer, we all crave for cold things like Ice creams, sodas and cold food. I mean, I know people who can live the entire season on frozen food. What kind of a life is that, I ask you! What about the good, old fashioned food that your mom cooks or you heat in an oven? Remember those days?

2) The clothes!

Beanies, oversized sweaters, sweatshirts, socks– can I say more? Does this not justify my love for winter!? The best part about dressing up in winter is that it sort of camouflages any trace of fat in the body and makes you look thinner. Winter dressing can be really great with the right clothing and accessories. THINK. You can wear scarves again! And hand gloves! Bright colors work amazing with cold, foggy mornings.

3) The Coziness!

You get to tuck yourself up in the quilt and just relax. It feels amazing when its cold outside but warm inside. Putting the AC on with the sun going crazy does not make me happy. It just makes me think that it’s too hot! That feeling of sitting in front of the fireplace is out of this world. Winter is warm (not in temperature but, in the feeling that it brings).

4) No Hair Troubles!

If you have frizzy hair these days, clap your hands! Seriously. What is up with this hot and humid weather? Amazing hair in an air conditioned room and the minute you go out, it is crazy hair on your head! (including me). Winter means good hair! Soft and nice. Plus, you do not have to shampoo every second day. You actually get to oil your hair, take hot steam bath and just make yourself pretty.

5) Pretty Outdoors!

Everything outside is pretty. On foggy mornings, it is all  gray. Even the few days of sunlight are appreciated when its been too cold for too long. When it snows, it is amazing. When it rains, it is amazing. The wind is amazing. Everything is pretty and so landscape-y!

So, I love winter. I hope you do, too. Winter is amazing. You get to do so many different things. And right now, this change is wanted. I hope we say bye bye to this hot and sticky weather soon. And, I also hope that you guys have an amazing winter! Spread the love and be extra wintery happy because happiness is homemade and winter makes you want to stay at home. Welcome change and embrace it as you go by. Be it seasons or something else, be welcoming and warm always and the world will treat you just the same.


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