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5 reasons why Tesla Motors is the next big thing in the world of Cars


Though there are a lot of things that we talk about in day to day life for the reduction in consumption of fuel and other sources of energy, it is rare to actually come up with technology that changes life drastically on a global scale. But when this kind of technology is introduced into the market, we do not accept it easily. Car-pooling, having newer sources of fuels, bio-diesel and many other new ways of having to run a vehicle have been talked about. But there has not been a significant addition by any major company to this field of study, which is really disheartening to see. But, looking at a company that hasn’t been in this field do wonderful things is something that should definitely encouraged.

One of the things that we don’t accept in real life is the induction of these technologies in day to day life, while pointing out small mistakes that these machines might possess. We, as humans need to encourage each other in the production of products which increase the life span of us, the human species. There have been many advancements in the field of cars and other ways of transportation but there have been a few vehicles that provides the fun of having to drive a vehicle coupled with the factor which keeps the environment clean and sustainable.

Tesla Motors- The invincible technology.

1. The new Field taken up:

Tesla motors is an American based company that has designed and manufactured electric cars and other systems that had been taking the automobile field by storm. This company has been producing cars, which are powerful and swift at the same time. This has led to the widespread reach for this car and it is expected that this car will be a thing that rules the road in the days to come. Though there are only a very few stations that enable the recharge of these cars, it must be said that this car has strained reasonable popularity in a really short period of time.


2. The Reasons:

The reason behind Tesla’s victory is quite astonishing and mind blowing at the same time. Though they have technology like no other electric car maker has, they have been keen in spreading their technology for the greater good, keeping in mind one thing-Planet earth. The battery that comes on these cars are lithium ion and they are commercially known as commodity cells. These cells are rather used in laptops these days for extensive usage and they are cheaper and lighter than the other commercial cells available in the market.

3.  New Technology:

There is also a special technology that this battery uses. It is also said that some of the older technology that the other batteries had have been removed from this system and thus there are a lot of advantages to this battery over the other batteries. The intumescent chemical that is found in the car is the first of its kind. This chemical provides an effective thermal management property and also prevents the battery fires that occur in the other commercial batteries.

While this battery is the most efficient in the range, it is also said that this battery provides the best economy for a battery at this range. There are a lot of other advantages in using a Tesla Battery and other companies in the field of manufacturing electric devices are looking at Tesla for technology sharing.


4. Innovation:

The latest version of Tesla has the batteries integrated into the floor of the car instead of the trunk, where most of the other batteries are kept. It saves a lot of space and also there is a lesser need for cooling as natural ventilation is provided by the flow of air below the car. Boot space is added to the car and thus it becomes at par with a car which is gasoline driven. Though this is an advantage, the debris in the road proved to be a huge problem for Tesla. It damages the battery and thus they had to come up with alternative systems. Therefore, armour plates were added to the bottom of the car and also a quick swap of the battery was introduced. It was communicated by the authorities at Tesla that the battery could be swapped in less than 90 seconds. There are no commercial battery swapping centres though.

Though these cars have their own advantages, they have a lot of disadvantages as well. Unless Tesla doesn’t market itself really well, their market can easily be taken over by any other industry giant. Tesla have made their jobs even easier by letting out the technology for true public. There are a few other companies that have started to use this technology to bring out revolutionary products under their brand name.


5. Marketing:

Tesla’s charging stations are found only in America and a few other countries where Tesla is trying to expand. This is a big disadvantage to people who love to have the same car wherever they go. They can’t simply recharge their batteries because there are no recharging stations anywhere. Therefore, it is high time that Tesla markets itself and establishes itself in this world before trying to become the world leader in this field.



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