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Do you know why SolarCity is the best solar power provider in the US?


When we talk about solar energy, the very first thing that strikes our mind is solar energy. Since we see these open panels facing the hot sun on a day to day basis, we kind of got used to the fact that this is the primary source of energy, which is efficient and sustainable at the same time. There have been a very few companies that have put forth steps to improve this technology. But it’s time that we, as responsible citizens of planet earth, take steps in bringing about a change. There have been a lot of Chinese companies that have been actively participating in the manufacture of these solar panels. Though there have been a lot of problems with these Chinese solar panels, people go for it as it is affordable than the one manufactured by SolarCity. In order to make sure that SolarCity has a better reach than the other cheaper solar cells, better marketing and usability of the products. If the product has a better sales value than other companies, then the product will win the customer’s satisfaction, even if the pricing of the product is higher than the other cheaper selling products.

There are a very few companies which have been actively involved in the design and manufacture of these solar panels. If these companies think about the future aspects of having solar power as the main source of energy, then it is possible to have cheaper systems at affordable rates.

One of the companies that provides this service at a competitive rate is SolarCity. Founded in the year 2006, this company has been actively involved in the manufacture of solar panels. It not only manufactures, but it also installs and produces power to cities in the United States of America. Many other companies if have tried to put this company out if the market, but with the vision of providing cheap and efficient products to humans, this company has matched forward in every small step of the market.


Though they have been facing tough competition from other Chinese manufacturers, their string belief in technology has kept them the market leaders.

5 offerings that SolarCity provides are:

1. SolarStrong Project:

Announced in the year 2011, this project involves the manufacture and installation of solar photovoltaic cells in the range of 1 billion. The project is aimed at generating more than 300 megawatts of power and thus they would be able to power more than a lakh military housings in the United States of America itself. The project involves the involvement of SolarCity with the housing developers for the military to provide rooftop installations to provide power for the houses.

2. Electric Vehicle Charging:

In a decade where alternate sources of energy is the prime source of target, it is seen that the electric powered vehicles will play a major role in the roads. One of the primary companies, which makes electric vehicles is Tesla Motors, which is a sister concern for SolarCity. Elon Musk, who is a major investor in SolarCity is the CEO of Tesla Motors. Together with Rabobank, SolarCity is installing charging station for the owners of Tesla cars along the expressway from San Francisco to Los Angeles. This is to be done at free of cost and it is also said that the other cars with the same kind of charging system can also use the same stations to charge their vehicles. This service to the other manufacturers is also provided at free of cost.


3. Energy efficiency evaluations:

In the year 2010, SolarCity acquired Building Solutions, which provided easy solutions to home efficiency and management. In doing so, they acquired a company which provides smart systems to the average American home. They later expanded their capacity to the east coast with a joint venture between SolarCity and Admiral Bank of Boston.

4. Commercial Solar:

SolarCity had been actively manufacturing solar panels to business and other government and non-profit organizations as well. In the year 2008, this company went on to become the largest solar panel manufacturer in the North campus of eBay. In the very same year, the company expanded multiple times and then it manufactured the maximum number of solar panels for the British Motors, which consists of a total of 1600 solar photovoltaic cells. Later, it went on to provide brilliant and innovative technological solutions to other organizations such as Intel, U. S. military and Walmart to name a few. The recent addition to this list had been the State Government run institution in Nevada, for which SolarCity has announced the setting up of a new plant as well.


5. Solar leasing:

This was the first thing that SolarCity introduced to its customers in the year 2008. The problem with customers not able to afford the usage of solar cells was that the capital cost for these solar panels was extremely high. Therefore, it order to eliminate this problems and encourage more people buying solar panels, SolarCity introduced lease plan with which the customers were able to buy panels at a cheaper capital. This encouraged the citizens of United States of America to buy more panels, therefore reducing the cost incurred in electrical charges from the central power grid.

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