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5 Reasons why Relationships are Awesome


Years may come and years may go but the debate will go on forever- is the single life better or the committed life? I am sure you have your own reasons to believe that why it’s best being single but beg me pardon sir. There are a million reasons, and am not exaggerating, of why being in a relationship can be truly blissful. Of course it depends on person to person and what kind of a relationship we are talking about but on a general note, relationships can be amazing. So hear it all you single people and be jealous, because relationships are awesome! In fact if you happen to have a healthy and stable relationship then they will keep you in a pretty happy space. Here are 7 reasons why I think relationships are awesome.

They get you a partner for everything


Want to check out the latest movie in theater or run for a marathon but don’t want to do it alone? No need to eat your friends’ head to convince them going with you, because now you have a partner you can count on. He/she will happily indulge in all the activities that you are interested in doing because they know you would accompany them in theirs too. Then be it going out for brunches or a rock music concert you have a wonderful person to accompany you wherever you want and whenever you want. You two can go for jog together, workout together, watch television shows together and the possibilities are endless.

They provide you a constant emotional support

To many, being in a relationship seems like an emotional battle with themselves. People think it will be all arguments and disagreements and a relationship does nothing but robs off your peace of mind. Your spouse will keep getting on your nerve, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your freedom or being in a relationship will turn you into a hyper, overdramatic or a jealous human being. But let me tell you it’s all completely rubbish. Trash. Garbage, Bullshit.  Just like a happy bond with your father helps in making you stronger while a troubled relationship with him messes with your emotional sensibilities, romantic relationships are also like that. There must be really bad examples in front of you which forced you on believing that relationships suck but it is a true fact that a good and well maintained relationship does more good than bad. Your partner can be your ultimate emotional support who will be by your side no matter what. He/she will appreciate you, sometimes may even resent you for a while but they will always support you and help you get sail through the tough times. Being single may get you the high of being self-dependent and strong but having a constant support feels way better.

They give you a best friend

relationships are awesme 2

Who says your spouse cannot be your best friend? I think they can be the best at it. And when you do become best friends with your partner you relationship will give you immense joy. Of course there are still going to be fights and some really bad ones, but at the end of the day you will have more things to cherish about your relationship than complain. Didn’t we all want to live with our best friends when we were young? So that we could spend most of our time together, play as much as possible and talk endlessly. If you did, then a fabulous relationship can be your dream comes true! Being in a relationship gives you a chance to have a best friend whom you can love in all ways. Yeah if the relationship fails then it will change quite a lot of equations but we are not talking about it yet. The bright side is a relationship will get a friend you can open your heart to, be crazy with, and with whom you can be completely yourself.

They will help you be a better version of yourself

relationships 3

A relationship is not just about romance and having fun but they can actually help you in becoming a better person. A sensible partner will tell you about your shortcomings and will let you work on them. Being in a relationship itself will help you discover so much more about your underlying unattractive qualities and habits. And once you are aware of them you start understanding yourself a whole lot better. And constantly try to improve and get away with those unattractive qualities.

They make you adore yourself

relationships 5

Falling in love with somebody and having them love you back can change your life and yourself in more than one way. You will find someone who feels lucky to have you and who overlooks all the flaws and imperfections in you to fall for the beauty and the magic you hold. Not just they will love you for all your pleasant unpleasant traits, but they will also make you fall in love with yourself. They will teach you knowing your true worth and will keep reminding you of your greatness from time to time.

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