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5 reasons why one should read Jane Austen’s PRIDE AND PREJUDICE


Jane Austen , one of the most famous and renowned novelist is highly credited for her excellent novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’ which includes almost every aspect of one’s life. From society to relationships , from family to love ,it shows the story of a young girl Elizabeth Bennet and a rich bachelor Mr. Darcy who revolves around the strict norms of society and finally find their love in the end.

1 Beginner’s choice

It is perfect for the beginners who love novels as because of the vocabulary used and the narration is such that anyone would be able to understand it at one go which prove to be encouraging for one. Beginners would find it simple to read and understandable for one craves for such

2 Writing style

Jane Austen has written a very simple English which obliges one to move on and on with the story as one is able to retain the interest as because of the level of understanding , the emotions and personality of the characters touches the heart of readers.

3 Romance

It is an excellent romantic story which interests one with the main protagonists, struggling with the class distinction prevailing highly at that time , to find their love in the end. It droves the reader’s mind to an extremely different and unique world of love and romance.

4 Society and its norms

pride and prejudice showcases the different norms of high society and class distinction which prevails till today and also the way to handle the situations which may bring one to total despair. But this shows the strong and mature personality of woman in society.


The novel shows the reality and the problems in society which one may possible encounter and despite showing the hypothetical stories and imagism , it profoundly shows the real nature of people in the society and the mindset they prefer to choose.

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