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5 Reasons Why You Should Move to a New Place


There are two kinds of people in the world: general public and the travellers. One who have made the decision not to live in the same city they’re born in after they have grown up and those who never even thought of leaving the places and passages they were raised in. We have no hard feelings for the latter, but we truly encourage the idea of the moving out to someplace new at some point of life. Sometimes, that becomes a tough matter of decision at certain hands, but that doesn’t bind people to wander off to the passion of making a new environment. That is why we completely recommend that from all of our hearts for all the reasons that we’ve listed below:

New encounters and conquests

Moving to a new place gives you an opportunity to grow up in a place that is out of your comfort zone, often leading  to increase in confidence and maturity. That is why people are so mad about joining colleges that are out of their native place, as they want to seize the opportunity once and for all. A new city has everything to offer to a new visitor. Then with matter of time, there’ll be a couple of things that you never thought of doing with your parents around in your to do list. You’ll come to know all about the car insurance, banking formalities, tax abilities and it’ll give you a certain kind of zeal that can only be provided on living self-sufficiently. You might like the idea of having someone of the family in your vicinity when you’re in need for a certain tragic help or in the sick-time but slowly you’ll come to know there is nothing empowering than the idea of driving yourself to the hospital on your own after catching up a small accident, and the little loud whisper of triumph. You can do it, and you’ll know better when you’ll do better.


New people and your friends and their friends and friends of friends

Whenever you move to a different city, there are always a shitload of acquaintances you aquire with the daily commute, and before you know, you would have amassed an incredible group of friends in each of those cities. It very much helps when you happen to be an introvert, as it gives you a chance to mingle up with new people and share experiences. People love to stay back at their natives, because they wouldn’t want to miss their friends once they’re out. But there is so much they happen to miss by ascertaining such a decision. There is always so many places to visit, that can only be done when you move to a certain city, and then you’ll know what happens to be outside your little home zone. Plus, you make more friends, and who doesn’t want that?


It’s not visiting, it’s living

There comes a huge difference when it comes to visiting a city and moving into one. Well, no one denies the thrill of visiting new places, travelling randomly to gain new experiences, but when you move into a new city, that is a whole different package altogether.  There are too many know-hows to learn and gain, that can only be fitted if you live for a period of time rather than being a week of observing tourist. The weather patterns, the people, cultures, the flora and fauna of the place and even the allergies to encounter are just exclusive to the be-fitters. Slowly you’ll come to know the best that you missed when you visited as a tourist; the right places to live, shop eat and hang out, the laws and the different regulations that happen to change with every city. Within time, your brain will be full of information about the places you lived in.



There will always be new things you would need to buy every once in a while when you move to a different city. You would need a different set of furniture and décor according to the place memorabilia and weather condition. There will always be a certain adventurous hull –a-ride to go on hopping to look for new apartments to live in that would best accompany your lifestyle and budget. Plus, moving will also mean slowly demeaning and discarding of the things that you don’t need. That will help you engrossing the Zen within, to live a minimalist life. Which is not a bad idea, to think off, right?


Distance increases the love within

With time, you’ll see a certain changes in the behaviour around the people in your native place, after you’ve moved to a different city. People will look forward to your yearly visits, make plans to hang out and will certainly miss you more than ever. That becomes a precious thing later in the memory lane and also increases the affection between the either. Rest assured, you’ll never have to think of good food while turning your way towards home, as you’ll be fed like a certain princess.


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