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5 Reasons Why We Love Sherlock


When Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created, nay, designed the character of Sherlock Holmes, little did he know that he would become the reason for the sighs of many girls and boys both. The detective series of Sherlock Holmes has become the yardstick to judge the trials made by the new authors in the field of detective fiction and murder mysteries. The superb intellect, that science of deduction, those suave looks and the background of the royal England, all these factors give an edge to Sherlock Holmes over all the other detective fiction series, so much so that it has become a milestone in itself. The best thing that has ever happened to any adapation of Sherlock Holmes, if you ask any person who has watched the BBC TV series of Sherlock Holmes will say, is Benedict Cumberbatch. Here are a few reasons to prove our point, which is actually not a point, but a universal truth:

1. The British Accent

the british accent

Call it xenophilia or even xenomania, but who does not love the British accent? It might be a case of colonial hangover but what about the people from the countries which have never been the colonies of the British Empire. It is obviously better than French accent. The way our dear Sherlock calls Watson, we know that this man is sent from heaven to sweep people off their feet. The way he speaks can beat even the way the world’s best singer sings. Benedict Cumberbatch knows he has a strong, awesome accent and he uses it to its best in order to portray a typical English detective.

2. The Overcoat

the overcoat
The moment we see the enigma of Sherlock Holmes, we cannot help but fall head over heels for that overcoat of his. The chiselled face and brilliant body and that long, black overcoat. What else do we want in a man? His gorgeous look just makes one go weak in the knees and curse oneself for not being a friend of Mr. Cumberbatch or rather as the popular word is nowadays, Cumberbitch! The hardcore fans of Benedict Cumberbatch have definitely tried their ass off in finding the exact same overcoat as their God, if only “God were not a ludicrous fantasy designed to provide a career opportunity for the family idiot!” That overcoat has the perfect length, perfect fit and perfect colour. So yes, we have to give loads of credit to the great designer who has crafted that masterpiece of overcoat.

3. The Mystery Cases

mystery cases

The Study In Pink, A Scandal in Belgravia, The Hound of the Baskervilles or that enigmatic The Reichenbach Fall, Steven Moffat has made sure that we just go nuts about this detective series. The entire plot of those precious episodes, precious because of the skewed demand and supply function they perform on, is so gripping that you lose one scene and you have lost it all. But, who even dares to commit the sacrilege of even blinking when Sherlock and Watson are engrossed in observing a simple carpet! Yes, this show is that gripping. The way Moriarty says he is back, that mind palace, the way we are made to believe that we might have been already stabbed but are unaware of it. The backbone of a detective series is obviously the mystery cases that it incorporates and the BBC series proves it just right.

4. The Science of Deduction

science of deduction

Sherlock Holmes, the high functioning sociopath is adored all over the globe or maybe, even farther than that, for his science of deduction. Remember the first meeting of Sherlock and Watson where Sherlock just deduces all the facts and figures about John Watson’s life by merely analysing his ailment, cell phone, haircut and skin texture. Or how about that scene where he cracks the password of Irene Adler’s phone in the matter of a few seconds? Does it even matter whether Sherlock knows or does not know the basic knowledge of the solar system? Who cares about those archaic facts? Sherlock has to delete those irrelevant details and some more which he does by, for instance, keeping Mrs. Hudson on semi-mute mode.

5. The Extra Characters

the extra characters

We all feel and know that it is just Benedict Cumberbatch who has made the show what it is in today’s time. However, we cannot totally disregard the contribution of other characters like Watson, Mrs. Hudson, Mycroft, Moriarty, Molly, Mary, Lestrade and even the underground cell! Don’t we all love the way Mrs. Hudson says, ” Oh dear!” ? The character of Irene Adler made the viewers see the romantic side of Mr. Holmes which no one could have expected. The best man speech at John Watson’s wedding reveals that Sherlock is much more than a cold hearted detective who keeps a human head in the refrigerator. The passionate kiss with Molly too brings forth a hidden element. Whereas, Moriarty presents the ultimate evil and who knows he might just get into the ranks of the Joker for being an addictive villain. These extra characters just add to the overall effect of the show, making it one of the most loved TV series of today’s times.
If you have still not watched the TV series, then maybe you should just try killing yourself first out of shame but at the end, leave aside all the work and watch Sherlock. The game is on!

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