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5 reasons Why Long-Distance relationships are better


Let us get this straight; No one wants to be in a long distance relationship. No one would come up of an instant idea of dating as ‘I think it would be great if I don’t see my girlfriend for some couple of months, rather I would just text and call’. And then spending most of the allowances on tickets to meet your one better half. See, No one does that right.

But often more than not, Long Distance relationship are much above the levels of choices. With school, college, jobs, families and other significant career opportunities, falling into such relationship choice are inevitable. But come to think of it, you’re not doomed if you fall into one. I mean with LDRs, there is a certain growth in the anxieties, frustrations and jealousy. But yeah, it’s pretty much doable if you think it is worth.

Even the lousy internet quotes with a picture right beside them tells, ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’ . And after being a cheesy one at that, it is one of the top suggestions that are given to couples when they lead their way into LDRs. Even science suggests that absence truly makes the heart grow and the partners are capable of meaningful intimations. Plus, it can tell you if the relationship is worth enough to take the next step. Here we provide some of the reasons that would make you think again not to let your love aside over your LDR:

You’re another random single with promising relationship

We’re not talking unethical here. We’re just breaking the ice as the shout-out to all the ladies and men who are in LDRs. With this choice you have been regretting, you get to have the lively social life that singles experience yet having the security of the committed relationship. What you thought off as things that you admired while in your single time, getting out in the crowd to spend the Friday nights dressing your best, to mingle up with new people and opportunities. This all can be done while you’re in an LDR; the only counter part is that you have to cozy up in your bed with your smartphone by your side and not your smart lady until unless you’re a lying cheating bastard. And while the voices that you might be hearing from the other side of the phone are full of anger or proximities, you know for sure that he/she certainly loves until unless he/she is a cold lying bastard. Well, life can’t give you guaranties.


Only strings attached (aka Commitment)

Well, we can’t make sure that it is a bad news or a good one. But it is quite in fact a fact that, you are not having a no strings attached relationship and trying to get into each other’s pants. LDRs are more likely to be in closure with the friends without benefits things.

So, you don’t have to certainly worry that your better half is in relationship with you just for the intimacy part. Well, no intimacy can also be troublesome idea but at least it is one thing less off the list of worries. In simple words, LDRs are everything but physical.


You can certainly get a life

Okay, that was a mean thing to say for those in relationships. But we all know for sure that it is often the case that people sacrifice their dreams, hobbies and other aspirations while in a relationship. So if you’re in LDR, now is the time to exploit those wild ideas, and solo hobbies that were weird for your partner but meant everything to you.

Remember the times when it was pretty awkward to scribble down little poems in journey while trying to get your hands fixed on a guitar with your partner in the vicinity. And even if he/she encouraged your ideas, time was certainly an issue. Yet, they all are a lot easier to accomplish when you’re on your own.


Isn’t it nice to receive Random Chats all day long?

With the emergence of smartphones, it is certainly a thing that can be done while living together in a city while it makes rather much more sense when your spouse is leaving far. You would be much more interested in random links she’s sending now than before, what if it might be something that makes her think of you. You can also discuss about it later on while talking on with that romantic smile.

Plus, what’s better than a random good morning beautiful message in the morning. It is farther more effectual and can make her day or yours while you’re in LDR. A long email, worth the mention. Snapchat, oh wow.


You’ll be super-awesome partner if you can survive LDR

One thing, Long distance relationship are good at doing is building trust. It will be a stepping stone for your relationship. For some, they became an excuse for breaking up but for some, it is something they would rely on so that they can rest assures their relationship can survive anything. Successful LDRs are rare thing, but beautiful yet the same.


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