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5 Reasons to Forgive Someone You Despise


Forgiveness is an art. Forgiveness is the purest from of letting go and with it comes a feeling of satisfaction and ease. Forgiving someone isn’t just accepting their apology halfheartedly while still hurling abuses at them in your mind. When you forgive someone, you forgive them fully for everything stupid or hurtful they have done in the past. You give them another chance into coming back to your life and starting all over again with you. Forgiving requires courage and commitment. You can’t bring up the same old disturbing thoughts back into your relationship with that person once you have forgiven him with all your heart. If you long for contentment and peace and you aren’t able to achieve that because there’s someone who has hurt you so much that you find it hard to move on in life, you must let go of the scars you’re holding onto and forgive the person, no matter how much you hate them. If you’re still not convinced here are reasons why you should forgive someone you despise.

1) Forgiveness helps you let go


You can’t have control over anything and everything in your life. There are things which happen and leave a deep impact when they do. You make a choice. You either let that impact stay with you and remind you each day, how miserable your life is or you accept it as a mere rough patch in your life and choose to let go of it. Not every incidents are supposed to turn into a memory. You can choose what you want to hold on to. Forgiving someone who has hurt you in the past, can heal your scars and make you look towards a brighter future. Forgiveness will help you close that one bad chapter for permanent and move onto another better one. Do not hate the person for what he has done, embrace his ability to do better.


2) Forgiveness enables you to to take control over your happiness


We blame the one we hate for our sadness. But if you look at it from another point of view, not forgiving someone and holding a grudge against someone affects us physically and emotionally. It snatches away our right to be happy. We are burdened by this huge cloud of anger and resentment all the time which stops us from doing something that makes us happy. By holding onto unpleasant memories of a person, we only pave a way that we have already walked on before. A way which is full of animosity, resentment and sorrow. Forgiving someone means looking up to a comfortable future, a future that we can take control of. We create our own opportunities to strive for happiness and contentment and bid goodbye to the one that didn’t give us anything but a pile of grudges to hold onto.


3) Forgiving someone helps you discover your strength


There are people in this world who have traumatic experiences. Experiences that took away someone they loved from them and gave them spine chilling memories to hold onto forever. But they became the bigger person and forgave the person who was responsible for their pain. Sometimes we are so blinded by our hatred and anger for another person, that we ignore all those people who forgave their enemies. Even religion forgives people for the most heinous or destructive crimes that humans commit, then why can’t you, a mere human, can forgive someone who caused you hurt? When you decide to forgive the person you despise, you become a survivor. Surviving an emotional storm strengthens you to a great extent and you discover your moment of ultimate power by overcoming your feeling of disgust for that one person.


4) Forgiveness opens the path of seeking it


How do you, yourself expect to be forgiven for something you have done, when you can’t forgive the one you can’t stand? Forgive the one you hate and believe in the theory of what goes around, comes around. If you have the courage to forgive, the one who you seek forgiveness from must also, notice the good your intentions and forgive you wholeheartedly. We all want to be forgiven by someone for something unpleasant we did and wanting them to forgive you might be a more selfish reason for you to forgive someone who has wronged you. It’s like healing someone else’s scars to get your scars healed and karma will take care of the rest.


5) Avenge yourself


Seeking revenge doesn’t always have to be destructive. There are positive ways of seeking revenge too and forgiveness is one of them. If you really despise someone, there won’t be any greater pleasure than smiling in their face and letting them know that what did was okay and you are over it. If the person’s apology is genuine, he will thank you for your kindness. If the person’s apology was a mere attempt to awaken your hatred, you still win because he’ll be infuriated at you for forgiving him so easily. You should be genuine in your approach and acceptance, that is what really matters. Forgive and bury the hatchet for permanent.



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