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5 Reasons why we are addicted to Serials


Entertainment has always been an important part of our lives. We love what we see, and when the stuff that we see is catchy and groovy, we love it even more. Hollywood has been one of the things that has always admired us. The way they make movies, both real life and animated ones make us believe that we are really into those movies. The art is captured in everyone’s heart and this has led to our addiction to the western movie makers. Recent addiction to the western civilisation has been through the likes of Serials, or Series, as one may call it. We are so addicted to it that we tend to live our everyday lives on it, with it. There are reasons as to why we love the shows so much. Some of them are:


Characters and the way in which they act are one of the primary reasons as to why we are addicted to western serials. The involvement with which they portray their characters is just too surreal to believe. It is a fact that these stars give it their hundred percent, not for a short period of time, but for long periods. We like the way portray their characters, be it a comical role or the role of a psycho turned murderer. We even go to levels where we think that the character must live on even after he/she commits so many mistakes in the character played by them. Actors give real life-like expressions which makes us believe in the plot.



Seeing is believing. When you hear some of the plots that these serials have been developed, we would not like the storyline that much. But when we start to follow the particular serial, we are awed by the thinking that has gone into the making of this plot. The plots are so apt for a serial because it would have not been possible for them to take the same plot as a movie. Some of the plots are also adaptations from books and older series, but even these serials make huge money when they are telecasted. Books which portray certain characters do not bring out the visuals properly. There is also a category of people who are too lazy to read books. In both these cases, serials are a boon. The way in which the books are written give an urge to go to the next page without any delay. The same sense of urgency is provided in serials as well, but it is done by stopping the serials in high points of tension so that the viewer comes back to the serial the next day.


The plots and the storylines of certain serials have been rejected by some of the top channels and the newer channels which adopted these serials have went on to make big bucks. There are quite a few examples where this has happened. Channels advertise their serials with great marketing skills and also give these serials a primetime. This helps in increasing the viewership, thereby increasing the TRP rating. When primetime is given to a serial, the serial becomes a huge success. This is the way channels capture critical viewership as well.

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When we look at some of the serials, we are awed by the production costs that they must have incurred in producing the particular serial. Animation, Computer Graphics Etc. take up huge costs in the production and the producers of these serials have been very generous. Production costs for sets are magnanimous, and one can guess the amount of work that must have gone in to make the set look like a real one. Certain serials have adverse conditions of shooting, and in doing so, locations have to be switched. There will be a single scene in a castle somewhere in Sweden, a desert in Egypt and a snow laden mountain in the Swiss Alps. All these locations are handled simultaneously, which gives huge civil and transportation costs.



We often tend to watch these serials by just looking at the crew members who are involved in the serials. Some of the biggest names in the entire industry come forward to make such astonishing serials. It ranges from the Actors, the Directors, the Story Writers and even the Music Composers. We would have seen the works made by these people in their moves and we would have become instant fans. When these people make such brilliant serials, why is there even a question of we people missing out on this? We might have seen some amazing works made by the same crew in the big screens and we expect them to come up with the same kind of works in serials as well. When we believe in them, they do not disappoint. Never has there been a situation where a leading crew member has made any silly mistake.

Looking at the points, a brief idea as to why serials score big in India can certainly be realised. With increasing number of serials in the circuit, it is certain that we are going to get more and more addicted towards these serials.

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