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5 questions men should ask from his doctor


Taking your dad or husband to the doctor is not so easy. It is reported that, men face problems in discussing their health problems with their doctors. They never ask embarrassing questions with their doctors. Research has shown that men do not discuss their problem, not even with their family doctor. But it is really important to discuss your health as doctors are always there to help their patients and to give advises  This is happening because of the pride which men carry. Following giving is the list of questions which men should carry to discuss them with their doctors.

1. Is there any need of colonoscopy?


When a man visits the doctor for a health related problem, he should not get up before asking this question. This is a very important question which every man of age 50 or above should ask his doctor. At this age, there is the risk of cancer and it is increased as the days passed. Colonoscopy detects the early signs of cancer and helps in getting the treatment. Colonoscopy allows the further cancer risk and saves you. Very men should get this check after every 7 to 10 years as recommended by his doctors. If there are any signs of cancer, then you should visit quite often. You should not avoid this question while you visit a doctor.

2. Am i taking the right supplements?


It is reported that men often take medicines to get rid of their problems by the suggestion from their friends. Men should ask these supplements for their doctor and show them what you are taking to avoid any risk. Research has shown that men often take bottles of supplements without even concerning worth their doctors. So, if you do this, you should concern with your doctor and ask them about every supplement, you take to get on the right path.

3. What has changed since my last visit?


When you see a doctor you must be empowered and does not hesitate to ask question related to your health. On the next visit you must ask your doctor about your cholesterol level, blood pressure and blood sugar. He must have all your data and comparing this data with the new one shows you,  How good you are Increasing cholesterol level indicates the her art problem and increase in blood sugar is the indication of diabetes. Men when see their doctor does not think about the bigger problems for your health, they just want to get rid of the current problem. So next time when you visit your doctor, you should keep this question in mind.

4. Receding Hairline?

Men should ask the question: what I can do about my receding hairline? This is the common problem which has been detected in  most of the men. This is also known a genetic hair loss. This can be observed by the bald spot on the scalp. This baldness problem in men is hereditary and does not involve the parent side of the family. However, doctors never promise to get off this problem, but there are medicines which can help in retarding the baldness. The best solution to this problem is air transplant, though expensive but reliable. These transplanted hair looks natural and carry stitches in the scalp. These are the questions which men should use and should never ever get hesitated in front of the doctor. Getting full advantage from doctor is the best way to visit them. So next time keeps in mind.

5. Other questions:


Other questions related to your health can be about your smoking habits. You can ask your doctor about how to leave this addiction and how much there are chances of lung cancer and related problems. The good way of seeing your doctor as to get full advantage by having a conversation. When you go to doctor do not just and listen to the prescription get involved in the conversation and ask as many questions as you can.  You can also discuss the problem of erectile dysfunction as it is seen in most of the men. Unable to keep erection can be embarrassing and this should be discussed with your doctor to get the solution. As this problem affects intimacy and can lead to impotence, it needs to be discussed.   If your bowel movement is not working properly or you are taking time for that, just go for it. Never hesitate in asking questions, it does not matter how embarrassing the question is, doctors know everything. Doctors are there to help us, it is us who have to get forward to discuss our problems. If there is problem of constipation or why there is blood in your urine, do not hesitate. It has been found that men are more prone to prostate cancer and testicular cancer, so you must discuss these topics and get more knowledge.  Not only is this, men also face the problem of blood in semen that can be caused by trauma, infection or inflammation. It is reported that this usually occurs due to the irritation in prostate. It is important for men to get the full a check up and if required visit your doctor more often.



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