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5 Photographers to Follow


Does photography fancies you to the level that you tend to spend more time with your camera and Tumblr than any other rhetorical distractions? Does it pave the road towards the creation of art that you have already decided to walk into? Might not, and might – that’s completely your part of the thing. But we would like to have couple of motivation to the list to follow.

Here we provide some of the renowned photographers in the arena of photography that have made their way in creating a name of themselves. And we love them, so will you. Search them over, take notes, follow them, be a part. Be engaged and be awesome. Here’s the list:

Laura Zalenga

The photographer we’re talking about here is not even a student of any professional photography course, rather it comes more as a hobby to her.  Laura Zalenga is twenty four year old, and is pursuing the course of architecture at the moment while photography comes as a second nature to her. Yet we can clearly identify the passion she devoted to the work she indulges herself into. She believes herself to be an open book, and the notion she tries to carry out through her pictures reminds us of saying as “Don’t look at me just feel my soul”. She is known for creating life like surreal worlds that cease to stay in our existence.


Her photographs within themselves ascertain certain kind of fairy-tales, like a message or epiphany that is trying to be reflected to the world through the canvas of the lenses. Her works are mostly self-portraits and have the powerful enigma to behold the observer, yet subtle enough to let them feel the breeze in. It would be not wrong to say, she comes as next big thing in the course of photographic arena of art.


Phillipe HalsMan

It’s sad that one of the magnificent photographers of the later 90’s is no more with us at the moment but it’s still a cherishable fact that many of his works are available online for prints and motivation for the young photographers out there. He was one of the renowned portrait photographers in the American scene. The celebrities covered in his photography list are even more engaging; it includes Judy Garland, Winston Churchill, Alfred Hitchcock and our favourite Marilyn Monroe and Pablo Picasso. Variety of these photographs has made their way to magazine like Time and Cover of Life.


And when we talk about the variety of photographs, we wouldn’t be much successful in categorizing his work. He has been named in one of the top ten photographers, and has received a life achievement award in the field. Whereas more of his ideas and photographs can be found on his website; you can also follow his book “Halsman on the creation of photographic ideas.”


Arno Rafael Minkkinen

Before we get started with this outstanding photographic maniac right here, we would like you to check out his introduction in his own website along with the things he said about “How to work the way I work.” Only if you’re interested in the whole sheer brilliance of the idea of making world a better place through none other medium as certain as photography, we tend to think you would condemn and follow his work throughout.


He is a Finnish photographer who is currently working in United States. He is a well known figure in the field of Photography, a celebrity in the common English terminology but more than that he’s a differential artist who loves to create. He also entertains himself with the idea of filmmaking, and that is exactly his current interest for the moment. The man was writing a screenplay for some Finnish movie some years ago which is already released by now. We would love to see some of his filmmaking on spotlight. There are also a lot of exhibition happened under his name, and many of his works can be found on various famous museums around the United States.

Francesca Woodman

This personality who is known for her surreal grayscale images of black and white photographs is one of the conventional extremist artists we have seen in the course of last century. And we very much condemn the idea of her not being with the world anymore, but her photographs will always do a part of perception that leads us believe in the art thorough with time. And we believe that if the photographer would be living at the moment, which she would have if she had not committed suicide at the age of 22, we would be the observant of the new century with the perception of consensual art in a whole different dimension.


Her works often included photographs of young women naked as born, with the blurry shade of obscurity that was due to the movements and long exposure shots slowly integrating up with the surroundings. And as we said, all in black and white, she chose not to live in the world full of colours while the inside out is pale and black. There was a lot of critical attention her work gained throughout her living and is yet accounted for.

Steve McCurry

We are sure the name would have kind of ringed a bell in the back of your brain if you’re a 90’s person. The younger generation, we would like you to search the term “Afghan girl” over Google, and rest assured you will know everything to know about the same. The photojournalist, Steve McCurry gained his momentum in the field of photography when his certain one was published in National Geographic Magazine in 1985 issue. It was even compared with the Leonardo the Vinci work of art of Mona Lisa, just in case you want to know which level of genius we’re talking about here.


For now, his works tends to include the Southeast Asia, where he takes photographs which are both ravish and engaging. He’s a regular contributor to various international photography magazines and journal. Plus, he’s a Magnum photos member.  Whoop.

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