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5 Perks of Adopting Older Pets


Thinking of having a pet lately but are the thoughts of having to manage a little bundle of extensive mischief full of energy most of the time scaring you? Or is it the funds that have your head ticking off the possibilities of having a little fur ball of joy to yourself? What ever it is – we have a solution for you.

The story with animals also goes much like what the humans consider as the value of “older and wise”. How ever, even today when having a pet is considered, much like the settings on default, your mind shows up pictures of little few week old cats and dogs and more on the same lines – but with younger pets comes greater responsibility and let us be honest and clear with you on this – that it certainly is not every ones cup of tea. So does that mean if you are not able to see yourself putting up with all the efforts you will require to put in than you should give up the whole idea of sharing some love with four pawed little fur balls? No way!

4 perks

There are many perks involved on both ends on adopting and giving shelter to rather older pets. Keeping apart the “myths” that older means you would have a rather short time to spend together – there are more perks than backlogs, honestly.

Once you decide and bring home one such pet you would realize the following 5 Perks of having brought it home:

1. Super Good Learners!

old malinois

Major chances are that the furry companion you just gave a shelter to/ adopted has already been litter trained and is familiar with the basic commands that you ought to know too! Also, unlike puppies of kittens, these older fellows are more acquainted with humans having lived with a family before or having spent time with some at the shelter!

2. The Perk of having to escape the ever-so-naughty little pup/kitty stage

1 perks

Congratulation! Your four pawed friend is most likely to have come past the stage of “Search- and- destroy”. Which means you can keep the worries of having to find your favorite pair of shoes to a beyond recognition stage at bay. Chances are that the furry companion is not that interested in uprooting the potted plants or shredding the special quilt your grandma gave you, too!

3. Lower Maintenance

2 perks

Now, this is one major point. Your senior pet is not likely to catch you by surprise by becoming as huge as a giant as chances are that he has already grown to his full height and weight and is as big as he might ever get. It also has some major financial perks as well; since at some shelters if the space is an issue with too many dogs being sheltered at once – the officials usually give away the older dogs at far ease to the adopters if they meet the requirements. More over, the probability is less that they are not already been vaccinated or spayed or neutered. Now that is surely a win – win situation, fella.

4. You are the second chance they are getting in their lives

6 perks

Some how, these kind hearted fellows know that you have given them shelter when it could have been other wise and are exceptionally grateful for your kind deed. Adapting to each other’s lives becomes comparatively easier as the older pet, being more sensible towards his or her surroundings, knows how to pay attention and settle in the new environment. This quality, certainly, is unique to the older pets.

Also, almost without an exception, your good deed makes you feel so much better, happy and content with life that the over all impact becomes highly positive and surrounds you with good vibrations.

5. They change your life

5 perks

Many senior citizens love having a company of an older & intelligent pet by their side. They are not perturbed by hearing the same story again and again and are fairly content with moving on in life at a slower pace. They are not those bundles of sudden burst out bubble of energy and since they don’t require your constant attention due to lack of mischief, you can actually focus on multiple things in life all together.

Also, doing a good thing really does make you feel good about you yourself and your dear new pet.

3 perks

So the next time you think of having a pet to yourself or enter a shelter looking for one – keep in mind that it would certainly be a good idea to have an older dog as they are not just anxious to love and snuggle with you but also, with time, prove to be really loyal, lovable and exceptionally good companions. Also, you get to show the world that even you can teach an old dog some interesting new tricks (We bet he will be more than willing to learn *wink* )


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