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5 Natural Healing Agents


With the ever increasing work load and stress on the mind, life is simply not easy anymore. Being in a competitive world, it is highly mandatory for everyone to be in the best of their fitness not just physically but also mentally. When you are down with stress, you tend to take the pain killers and at times try different sources of recreation in order to get over your depressed mind. But here is something that would leave you startled. The Mother Nature is the best possible solution for all your stressful disorders. The use of art to heal has lately captured the imagination of therapists, who are using all forms of art, including drama, to heal. But one of the earliest methods of healing using art has been surely visual because of this connection between nature and us, living organisms who are part of it. Here is a list of natural things which are the ultimate stress busters. Continue reading.

There is nothing better than the beauty of the flowers!


Flowers are probably the best healing agents of nature. Whenever you have a bad mood and a lot in your mind to think about, try visiting a flower garden or some natural place where you could find flowers. The beauty of flowers has a very soothing effect on your mind and body. Again, whether the flowers are real or unreal; say like in a painting; they pep up one’s mood and bring cheeriness to closed or dreary spaces.  No wonder why the artists have always had a special corner in their hearts for the flowers. It is always a good idea to keep such paintings at home. Or why not water a few flowering plants? It will always be beneficial to you. In yoga, certain chakras are harmonized by the visualization of flowers, including the lotus and the sunflower.

Look up into the clear blue skies and vast meadows


No matter how bad your condition is, the sight of the landscape is probably the best thing you would ever wish to see. The serene beauty of any landscape enthralls the mind and gives you some serious psychological relief. You may be wondering how the clear vast meadows or the beautiful clear skies could give you healing power. So here is the answer to it. The designers reason that a clear vista is calming because it goes back to our evolutionary history when we were wilderness creatures. Anything that was lumpy and knobby meant spaces where marauders may be hiding, whereas a clear vista showed no secreted threats. So the mind feels at peace when viewing a rolling landscape or a clear sky. The very thought of nothing treacherous lurking can be incalculably healing to a person needing to heal. Just as the paintings of flowers could be a delight to watch, in the same way even the landscape paintings have an enormous healing effect. No wonder the landscape paintings are famous!

Have your own Garden: Gardening gives pleasure!


Gardening is nothing but your own way of staying connected to the ground and the earth. It is for the same reason – of connecting with the earth and thus feeling grounded – that gardening is such a colossally healing activity. Research has recognized that gardening can be very healing. It calms and eradicates stress; it lowers blood pressure and improves eye-brain-limb co-ordination. It is thus said that “Any act that involves caring for something other than oneself in a non-challenging way is regarded as healing.”  So what better than gardening then? Gardening comes top of the list. Using the hands to mix the mud-clay, the connection with water and wet soil, induce deep calm and the sense of being grounded. Progressive hospitals around the world are creating “healing” gardens. Patients are allowed to wander about the garden or do some gardening themselves. Thus the impact has been miraculous, lowering muscle tension, impacting the brain’s electrical activity positively, and lowering blood pressure.

Walking barefoot on dewy grass helps you unwind


This is another suggestion made by both Ayurveda and yoga to rejuvenate one’s sight and remain youthful. The feet have one of the largest clusters of nerve endings. They react proximately to the freshness of the dew and the sense of being unconstrained from closed tight shoes. The nerves are excited with brightness, creating an immediate connection to the brain. Whatsoever that wakes up the realization of the nerves in the feet, counting harmonizing poses or just standing in a set way, is said to be deeply grounding to the body and mind. In healing, this state of being grounded and associated and strong, felt through the legs and feet, is observed as an absolute necessary. The simple joy of walking on dew-fresh grass is said to keep you young-looking. It is also said to revitalize fading eye-sight.

Water bodies can be the key!

The ancient sage Chanakya (who is the current toast amongst those rediscovering the relevance of ancient Indian insight in contemporary corporate set-up) had suggested that one must always live near water bodies. Yoga endorses that. You want to know why? The answer to this is quite simple: in areas where there is a large water body, or movement of water, the atmosphere is occupied with negative ion particles. These are said to surge oxygen absorption, give a high, and convalesce one’s breathing. This may explain why holidays near beaches, rivers, or waterfalls rank high amongst those who want a break from city living and stress.


Nature can be very healing in its own way. It all depends on us how we see the nature and how we make the most out of it.

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