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5 must watch hollywood comedies


“Why make a trillion when we could make…billions?”- Dr. Evil, Austin powers: The spy who shagged me.

Comedies weave their way into the every cinematic culture like no other genre. It is something simply essential and will always be in demand and vogue. Nobody quotes tearful lines from emotional and romantic movies. We hardly use them in our banal life and we often try to spice it up by the tid bits from the comedy movies. Comedy is a genre in which the main focus is on humor. Be it pointed at you or the movie itself, these films are designed to entertain you through amusement and work by exaggerating the works of real life in a humorous manner. These types of films usually have a happy ending unless you are talking about the black and satirical comedies. Comedies unlike other genres put the main focus on the stars and the characters acting in the movie. The story is given a backhand and the characters become superstars from their stand-up comic fame. Most of the comedies which are made these days are a social and political commentary rather than just amusing the people. Let us look at the most comedy movies of Hollywood.

1. Dumb and dumber


The directorial debut of the farrelly brothers, the film tells the story of two dimwitted friends who set out on a journey to return a briefcase full of money, only to be followed by a group of criminals who are after the huge sum. Anything with Jim carrey has everyone falling off their seats. The facial expressions he makes, the gestures he puts forward are too good to be handled. It can be rated to be the only comedy movie where in with every scene; you have something to laugh at. You do not have to use your brains to watch this movie.

2. Some like it hot


The movie took place in the twenties, but it was far ahead of its time. The content shown in a humorous way of course was way too much for the motion picture association of America and the Catholic Church to handle. It was given thumbs down by them and big thumbs up by the audience. Marilyn Monroe with the ever so charming appeal is the lead singer working for a troupe. The leads are on the run from the Chicago mob. Nonetheless the movie is sprightly, evergreen and was voted the greatest American comedy movie of all time in 2000 by the American film institute. Marilyn Monroe looks, as usual her best in the movie.

3. Airplane


“-she needs to go to the hospital

-what is it?

-it is a big building with patients”

The movie’s influence stretches as a parody to every single film made in the last 3 decades. It is untouchably brilliant and you can see it 100 times without getting bored and cursing the movie makers for transforming your favorite movies into woeful parodies. The plot is irrelevant sort of- a virus takes over a plane full of passengers and the entire movie length is based on it alone. It has been featured in many magazines as one of the best comedies ever made. The scenes are hilarious and the movie has been delivered with such sincerity that it certainly does not get dulled by the familiarity of the situation. You could watch it n times still laughing till your stomach would hurt!


-huh! Who?”

4. Dr. Strangelove


An intelligent like Stanley Kubrick, a man of extraordinary wit and dry humor decides to portray the psychopathic childishness of our military people. The bomb, the pentagon, the national security state and the president himself were mocked and they never got the same respect ever again. No wonder the initial reaction of the public was full of shock and horror, they feared that whether these figures are questioned and the political affairs made fun of. But once they got over this fact, they would not stop laughing their hearts out. The movie was a masterpiece indeed. It was comic, but at the same deeply serious and perceptive about the insane and mundane military forces present during those times. Stanley Kubrick’s genius remains even as we bury the weapons which we feared so much.

5. The gods must be crazy


Personally, I never miss out on this movie whenever it comes on TV. You will have to see the movie for yourself to believe its wit and humor. It is a comic allegory of a bushman who travels around holding the strange evil thing that gods had sent to them “the coke bottle” which had wreaked havoc in his tribe’s life. He plans to dump it down at the end of the earth. On his way he meets a clumsy scientist and a band of revolutionaries. Meanwhile, the female lead comes to the Kalahari Desert looking for a job as a teacher. Meanwhile the maniac Sam boga tries to overthrow the government. How do all these various and divulging different characters fit in together in a movie? You will have to see this if you have not seen it already.

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