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5 must watch English TV shows


All of us at some point or the other have been addicted to the English serials. Be it on the channels, online or most of us have downloaded them and kept them as a souvenir in our laptops. I have reached extreme levels of addiction. I feel ashamed to share that I become almost a vegetable, completely unproductive and lethargic watching seasons after seasons of my popular English sitcoms. The prime-time shows are a must in every household that is why they are called prime shows isn’t it? Barring many from my list, I include those which have been a pain in my rear due to the clutter in my hard drive.

  1. Sherlock


The story of Sherlock is an old classic cult but it has never been presented in a fresher and viewer friendly manner as it has been nowadays. The BBC one Sherlock is based and shot in the modern day London. Hollywood fame Benedict cumber batch shows his acting acumen as Holmes. The show has reached its season 4 and has been running successfully since its beginning. The modern day show has taken a lot of stories and short narrations from the original sir Arthur Conan Doyle and has been successful in executing them with much finesse. Many stories and villains have been modernized which is a catch for today’s generation. Jim Moriarty which was one of the archenemies’ of Sherlock plays an important character in the TV series. The plots are quite compelling and the episodes tightly written. Sadly each season has a few episodes in count, but they are about an hour long. Wait till you catch a glimpse of the next season’s trailer. You will love our Sherlock’s cheekbones too!

  1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S


One of the most popular and talked about series of all time, F.R.I.E.N.D.S was able to win millions of hearts of viewers. As soon as its first episode was aired, we started to identify with the 6 characters namely Joey, chandler, Monica, phoebe, Ross and Rachel. The series is rightly called as the most hilarious and heartwarming. It tells the story of their lives and how they become so close friends, we would find almost impossible to find in real life. It was nominated for 63 prime time Emmy awards. It will have you laughing till your stomach hurt and you will not be able to stop yourself after watching just one episode. In fact I have a friend who did not sleep for 2 nights just because she could not stop her series in between. This is one show you must watch by hook or by crook.

  1. How I met your mother


“I know that you’re tired of waiting. And you might have to wait a little while more but, she’s on her way, Ted. And she’s getting here as fast as she can.”

When I see ted Mosby onscreen, I absolutely go nuts over his romantic attitude and simplicity. Actually the best thing about him is that almost everyone can identify with ted Mosby, be it a girl or a guy. We all wait for that one soul mate, our better half and our life partner. In the process of doing so, we meet n number of people in vain. Not to forget Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson is the best part of the show. His comedy is ultimate and golden! For dating tips, for friendship advice, awesome punches and hook up lines, you must definitely watch it. Right from the first episode I was hooked! It a legen-wait for it-dary series!

  1. The big bang theory


When science turned fun, you know Dr. Sheldon cooper is behind it. He can make you seem like a nothing in front of his acumen and intelligence. His skills do not spare his equally intelligent, little less nerdy roommate Dr. Leonard Hofstadter. The show is about 4 friends, 3 of them are PHD and they are very proud of this fact. The 4th one is an Indian namely rajesh kothrapalli who is an astrophysicist going numb when he meets a girl. The story mainly revolves around Sheldon, who is mad, but never accepts it because his mother had him tested. You will have to watch the series to laugh at the jokes because almost everyone is following it. My advice to those who are going to start off with this one, sit with a dictionary because Sheldon will actually have you dumbfounded with his fabulous and excessively scientific vocabulary. The most famous knock and one of the irritating gestures by Sheldon,

“Penny, knock knock penny knock knock, penny knock knock!

  1. The Simpsons


Homer is insane and his family is insane! If you cannot understand this and get through your mind, then you will have a very good time in watching the Simpsons. The series is a satirical description on the American middle class family. The show is set in the fictional town of springfield. It is a parody on human emotions, living conditions, culture, American society and the impact of television. The Simpsons is the longest running sitcom in the American history, longest running animated program and the longest running primetime tv series. Sounds strange to me because I never understood the character of homer and his wife marge! But you must watch it to know what comedy actually is!

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