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5 must have grooming gadgets for men


We men love gadgets. Don’t we? It’s a common trait for us all. We are sucker for any kind of fancy technology. I am not sending any presumptuous vibes here, but if I confront a grooming tool with a digital display in the Supermarket, I would be on cloud nine.

And I’m not saying this for my own tech endeavor. Even the top marketing magazines say that more than forty percent of men would rather spend time with their gadgets than their woman. Well, no hard feelings for the ladies out there. On another note, here we provide some of the grooming gadgets that are worth checking out.

Rest assured. These recommendations will not let you down, although it can be bad for your relationship. Because, it is Man thing you know. So, if you happen to seal up single at the end, make sure you’re attractive and single.

A skin polisher

Firstly, I would like to break the ice for you. NO, it’s not only women who need grooming. The skin has a need to look ravishing and fresh, and it’s to be fulfilled by both the genders. A skin polisher was a ladies’ little secret for quite some time, but now it is being comfortably adapted by men into their grooming gadget list across the globe. It does an extremely effective job in removing the dead skin cells and also makes your pores indiscernible; thus giving way to a clear and soft skin.

With time, it’s becoming a cult grooming tool among men. And what more, it comes as a relief for men with facial hair. You can prevent annoying ingrown hair while removing dead skin cells beneath them with the simple use of brush’s bristles. So, you might want to wander some more thought over this lovely gadget. Did I just say lovely? Oh, I mean manly.


An electric toothbrush:

No, I’m not out of my mind. And yes I had to mention that. Well, the opinions might be like; what’s wrong with the traditional one? To make the point more subtle, I would just count out the advantages over the normal one. An electric toothbrush does 8,800 sweeps per minute and is equipped with various modes that ranges form simple daily clean or to weekly full mouth massage. They’re much remarkable in removing plaque from your teeth while on the same time dropping any odds of gum infection.

Plus, there are sensors that keep track of the time you’re indulging for your regular brush and even beep to let you know that you need to concentrate on other part of the mouth. And lastly, they would even provide a feedback smiley if you’re doing it right way. There you go, a perfect way to sparkling teeth. Need I say more?


A Hair styling gadget:

There was a time, when hair styling gadgets like straightners and gel retrievers are seen as an alien piece among the man’s grooming list. Well, the times are gone and the hair care is one of the top-most grooming needs. And hair styler – a must have.

There are ranges of straightners out there available among the online stores, and it’s tough to make a good choice as most of them are designated for women. A little research would be good enough to find the perfect one for your needs. It would certainly help with the enigma of your hairstyles. If you happen to have short hair, then choose with small plates.


A hair clipper:

Another addition to the hair grooming range we were talking about. With the need of a stupendous haircut every other month, one’s mostly likely to take some responsibility in his own hands rather than spending a small fortune at a fancy salon. And if you were thinking to do the exact same thing, my advice would be doing it right with making use of a proper hair clipper to cut your hair.

Perhaps, it might be troublesome for some; as cutting your own hair is no small deal. And a little Do-It-Yourself at salon might be of little help. As far as clipper is concerned, it would be a mighty tool for your hair. Consider one with firm and diverse length guards and also has the option of taper control lever. You can opt for a cordless one or cabled according to your accommodation settings.


The sole saver

We often tend to forget our feets when it comes to grooming. And I’m talking about men here who love to flaunt there hard skins and muscles. It might be of a certain appeal where other body parts are concerned, but when it comes to feet; hard skin make them look atrocious.

Plus, if not given proper care; it can become a breeding place for fungi with continuous exposure to sweat and moisture. These can be removed with a conventional foot file, but there are also gadgets available in the market for sole saving purpose and are definitely much more amusing.

Of course, they’re electric and would sander your heels while the mineral roller attached within will work wonders to defile even the stiffest of the skin, thereby giving way to the perfect polished soles.

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