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5 must have gadgets for a student


Gone are those days when bright students were those who did not have a laptop and a phone, for their parents considered these expensive electronic items to be the biggest distraction in a student’s life. You cannot imagine yourself graduating from a university without being acclimatized with a laptop. You cannot pass your papers with just a notepad and a few good pens. There is other stuff as well which will make your life easier and manageable. Students now use a range of electronic gizmos throughout their day. You cannot imagine your life without your cell phone which has now become a sell phone! Your laptop is what you need when you want to see what an actual lecture looks like from the videos of foreign universities. Those earphones are your life savior when you want to go in a Trans and do not need anyone around mentally. To your surprise, the last ten years of electronics have seen an unimaginable boom in the technological advancements. Scientists have come up with a wide variety of gadgets which are guaranteed to make a student’s life easier. You will enjoy while reading and enjoy the entire well if and when you do not want to study. Before you step in the college life, make sure you have these.


laptopTalking of today’s’ culture and the need for quick access, you cannot imagine your life without your laptop. Research papers, online video lectures, assignments, papers; admit cards, online examinations are no more limited to a particular time of the day and a particular place. Having a laptop means you can work whenever you feel like. You are not bonded with the pangs of electricity cuts. You can lie down if you wish to while watching lectures. You can use your laptop with a cabled light without having to disturb others. In short you can work on your own schedule.


smartphoneA laptop can be carried anywhere you go but there are some limitations to that as well. When the laptop becomes inaccessible and unrealistic, your Smartphone comes to the rescue. A handy dictionary, pdf files, your favorite list of songs, images to share with your friends; a Smartphone has made all these things possible within a go. It gives you anytime access. To check the mail for your resume approval, the papers your professor mailed you, to Google a concept you are unfamiliar with or to keep yourself abreast about the news headlines and word of the day, a Smartphone is the one must have gadget. I use mine to keep a track of the birth dates and the deadlines. I have a schedule chalked out for every day and my Smartphone knows it all. This is not something that you should think twice before buying because of its price. This is a must have for you!

Noise-cancelling headphones

headphonesHave you experienced life in a hall or sharing your room with three roommates? If you have, then you probably would have yearned for a headphone, not an earphone but the very techie and advanced noise-cancelling headphones. They are big and look cool. But they are not just for vanity; they are your best companions when you do not want to be with anybody else in a crowded space. It is great when you want to have fun with the songs and enjoy a quiet time with yourself. If your roommate is as talkative as a parrot, then grab on a pair of headphones. If she does not let you revise before the exams, fool her by cancelling out her noise. Listen to your lectures and you will not have to listen to her cramming and gossiping. En fait, headphones are not only important in a student’s life, they are vital! There are times when you just want to ignore this noisy world; your headphones will help you get there. No need to run to the library for your inner peace, stay in your room and have a world of your own!

USB flash drive

pdA very basic gadget but it is the most sought after thing in a college. It allows you to store and transport your data from one computer to another with much convenience. Have you ever thought what would have been the scenario in hostels if you did not have a pen drive? You would not be able to have a quick access to the movies and the lectures. Whether you are working for your term projects or downloading music and movies, you will want to be sure that you have your data all backed up.

Scientific calculator

calculatorThe first thing which I pack before I leave for college or home is my calculator. Being in an engineering degree college, it has become a significant part of my life. I sleep with my books and my calculator. In fact, it has become so dear to me that I have started to be a little possessive about it. From differentiation to integration, log problems and matrices, a scientific calculator can solve your equations within a few seconds. I am still to explore about the various techniques and tips of the calculator.

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