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6 Monsoon Must Haves


With the heavens blessing the Earth with regular downpours, it is clear that monsoon is here to stay for a longer time than it usually does. Unexpected rains might bring a halt to your daily life but it should definitely not bring a halt to your style. Some claim that monsoon makes them feel gloomy and they just do not feel like dressing up because they’d rather curl up in bed and beat the monsoon blues. Some prefer wearing basic clothes ( read : boring) because they do not want to risk getting wet in the rain and ruin their clothes. With regular rainfall you might find it hard to decide what to wear, but you don’t have to worry anymore. We all love the rains but we surely do not want to compromise on our style and let the rains hold us back. Here are some wardrobe essentials that you gotta stock up on to survive monsoons in style!


1) Ripped denim shorts

They scream style. Denim shorts are like a blessing from above. They are effortless and you can just put on a pair of denim shorts with a cute shirt when you can’t decide what to wear or when you’re worried about getting your pants wet from the rains. Try to get your hands on a pair of high waist denim denim shorts because they are a rage this season. Ripped denims shorts give your style an edgy look and make you look effortlessly chic. There’s nothing more satisfying that rocking a pair of denim shorts with ease in the monsoon. Weather friendly and style friendly!

2) Rubber flip flops

Flip flops have been in fashion for a really long time now and have ¬†certainly undergone evolution. For monsoon, you need to go back to the basic rubber flip flop with plastic straps to survive this unpredictable weather. Ditch your usual footwear and switch to bright flip flops because they are easy to handle and weather friendly. You won’t even face the trouble of wearing a wet footwear because they dry up in minutes. They can be worn with anything whatsoever. Wear them with shorts, jeans, ethnic Indian wear or anything that comes to your mind and you’ll still look no less that a diva. Get these flip flops in vibrant colors to jazz up even the most boring outfit ever. Just make sure the base of the flip flops has a good grip over various surfaces. You don’t want to slip in public, I guess.


3) Wellington Boots

These are the original rain boots that the world has been wearing since forever and it can’t seem to get enough of it. Wellington boots are waterproof boots that are perfect for days when it rains like it’s raining for the first and the last time. The classic wellington boots will keep your feet really dry and will enable you to have endless fun in the rains. You could always display your eccentricity by choosing wacky designs and prints or bright colors. They look super cute and suit every body type. Wear them with a pair of jeans, cropped pants or shorts to look ultra fashionable and every ready for monsoon. Invest in a branded pair, that will last you for ages without hampering all the fun you can have in the rain.


4) Large totes

Just when you thought you needed a fool proof idea to carry around your stuff in monsoons, totes come to your rescue. In really bright colors. You need to have a wardrobe full only of over-sized totes in the brightest colors possible. Make sure they are waterproof. For that they should be made up of plastic or PU material. Bright totes are really fun to carry around and instantly light up your whole look. You can carry them with every outfit and they won’t fail you, ever. Stock up all your makeup products in one big bag and keep away from the hassle of storing them in different pockets. Fashionable bags do not shy away from any season, so why should monsoon be any different.


5) Quirky Umbrellas

Ditch the silly old black umbrella that you’ve had for ages and stock up on some really crazy looking ones. Umbrellas have always been a part of the fashion business but it never really got the attention it deserved. But the perspective has changes and how. Umbrellas complete your monsoon look. It’s not just a piece of caution you carry around to save yourself from the downpour, it is a part of your attire. Add up some really cute umbrellas in unique prints and colors to your daily wardrobe and transform your monsoon look! Transform the good old humble umbrella into a really classy one.


6) Water Resistant Watches

There’s one thing you need to know to even start shopping for monsoon : Embrace colors. Watches are timeless and they instantly add class to your outfit. Go for a playful water resistant watch this monsoon and look effortlessly chic. Watches in pastel colors are a rage this season. Ditch the metal ones, save them for later and focus on colors this season. A statement watch will enhance your look!


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