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8 Kinds of Friends We All Have


It is hard, almost impossible to imagine life without friends. My friends mean the world to me. There have been situations where I have ended up choosing friends over family. After all, friends are the family you choose, aren’t they? Over the years, I have come across that there are different kinds of friends people have and they are equally amusing. They are all different from each other, react differently but still, the importance that their mere presence holds in our life is irrevocable. Not that I want t turn this post into something really emotional, I’m only only gonna try to list down the 8 kinds of friends each one of us has! Here it goes.


1) The Drunkard

He is the one who is drunk almost everyday. It isn’t surprising to see him drink like it’s his last day on earth at parties or get-togethers. It is not surprising to find him high, at anytime during the day. He drinks alcohol like it’s water. He urges you to drink with him and you wish you could master the art of drinking, just like he has. You’re not surprised to see his car smelling of alcohol or even when you can see bottles lying around.


2) The Depressed Soul

He is the one who probably can’t get over his ex when she has clearly moved on. You’re not surprised when he texts you in the middle of the night – “I miss her”. You’re not surprised if he calls you at a really odd hour, crying away on the other end. You try to be supportive and be there for him, but at times, his whole lingering on to his ex irritates you. He’s the same friend that promises to be better and stop thinking about her, but it’s all in vain. And it gets worse when he gets drunk. He blabbers about her ALL the time.


3) The Supportive Best Friend

Each one of us have this one at our side, always! You can spot her at a party, trying to convince her other best friend about something she thinks she is responsible for, something bad, that she is not. She’s the one you call for reassurance, not because she’s unbiased and always has the most honest opinion on almost everything, but because you know, that no matter what you do, she’ll always side with you. “It’s not your fault, he was being a total jerk” or “you’re so much better than those losers” are her pet dialogues.


4) The Over Achiever

He’s someone you do not want your mother to meet. He is perfect. He is better than you on SO many levels that you feel quite ashamed of yourself in front of him. He’s already earning since the time you can remember. Your mom is often after your life and urges you to become like him and sometimes you start hating on them for no fault of theirs. Their achievements make you look like a loser. They are born smart. But you still turn to them for career advice, because hey, you can’t do without them either.


5) The Football Freak

I am dead sure we all have that one friend who never fails to express his agony when the team he supports loses a match and never fails to encourage and defend the players. He is the one that pisses you off with his constant status updates about football and you can’t do anything about it because you know he can kick some ass when it comes to football and you don’t wanna offend him by deleting him. “We’ll be back” or “Do NOT write us off” are some of his signature statuses.


6) The Popular One

She has a really long list of boyfriends and you’re probably sure she must have lost count. She is immensely popular and you sometimes secretly wish that you had a life like her’s. A regular at parties, she gets invited to almost all events, even by people who barely know her while you just stand there and watch, amazed. She manages to look perfect all the time and is the centre of attraction wherever she goes.


7) The Dumb One

She is slow. Explaining things to her is like attempting an algebra test while trying to solve a Rubik’s cube.  She has the silliest doubts and question. You often spare yourself the trouble and try to hush her up, so that you do not have to answer her stupid questions. You know she’s dumb, everybody else knows she’s dumb, but you just can’t say it to her, because she is still your friend.



8) The Life Coach

They have an opinion on almost everything. They are the one’s who keep giving you lectures about life, how tough it is and how to lead it. They just can’t stop advising you on all your issues and all the advice boils down to the previous one, and the one before that. It is all about life. They think they are making a hell lot of sense and guiding you towards a better path, but they’re probably unaware of the fact that you’re not even listening to them.


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