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Since long people have been asking me about my stunning hair and how I effortlessly manage them. My long kept secret is now finally coming out, it all goes to my roommate, my favorite, Flat Hair Iron.

Flat iron has always been there in my bad-hair-days. It has consoled me and picked me up from falling. Whether it was an important day at an official meeting or a classy date with my crush, flat iron has never left my side. My hair and I, solemnly swear that this device has irrevocably altered my life for nothing, but the best.
The days when I got bored of my usual style, flat iron helped me enhance my look by advising head turning ideas and by making them into materialistic changes. My whole and sole, makeover kit, my beloved flat hair iron.

But who said, flat irons can only show their wondrous effects on hair? Amused much?Well, well. This article is going to help you in alot more ways and will definitely leave you excited.These are some uber cool ways in which you can use your ceramic flat iron :

1. Beach Waves

9 July 2014 (7) x

If you thought that hair irons can only help you straigthen your hair, you were so wrong.
You just need a creative bend of mind to give way to more exciting possibilities of using your hair iron. One such idea is to curl your hair using flat iron. Sounds funny, right? But it`s true and easy.

For instant curly hair, heat up your iron while carefully sectioning your dry hair into various strands. Braid these strands of hair, while not carrying much about the neatness. When you`re done bradiding your hair, get hold of the flat iron and carefully take it over each braid separately. When you`re done straigthening the braids, open your hair and let them down. Quickly use setting spray over your hair to keep the styling for a longer period. This will tighten the curls and you may then opt for another hairstyle by simply rolling them up or knotting in a cool bun.

For bouncier curls, take up the heated hair iron to the top of your hair and then twist the iron 90 degrees and pull it down.

2. Bright Strands

beautiful girl doing hairstyle with hair iron

One of the hottest trends ruling this summer are the craze for bold and funky hair colors. People are willingly experimenting with thier looks and are flaunting varied shades of hair colors. The love for bright colored hair have forced many to have regular salon visits, which in long term ends up spoiling the texture of hair.
The rescue: Hair Chalk!!

Hair chalks are similar to normal chalks which kids use. These chalks are of different shades and these can be easily applied to the hair for a vibrant hue. After applying hair chalk to your hair, straighten your hair using flat hair iron. The iron will not only straighten your hair but will make the color look natural and bright. It smoothens the cuticles while trapping the pastels and gives out a look of a real dye job.

3. Gift packing

For all those out there who just adore gift wrapping and treat it as a skilful art, believe me you will love flat hair irons from now on. The ribbons, the paper, bows and everything they get creased sometimes. Only people who love gift wrapping can understand how depressing this is. To avoid such situations always keep your iron handy. Whenever you feel that the wrapping paper is not perfectly creased just take out your iron and smoothen it. Same goes with the ribbons and bows. Straighten up the bows and make the ribbons look crisp. All of this, made easy due to flat iron. The only piece of advice don`t do for plastic items that will stick on the iron and spoil both, the iron and your mood. Beware!

4. Annoying Creases

Has it ever happened with you that you are all set to go out and suddenly your realise that your fine white shirt has a spoiler crease on it. This moment not only spoils the fun of dressing up and enjoying the day but also wastes time. Instead of removing your shirt and ironing it all over again, reach out for a straightener and carefully pull it over the crease to straighten it. Saves time and effort. A quick fix for your creases is now available easily. This can even reach to tricky places like collars and cuffs or even the hem of your skirt and the ends of your pants. All in one!

5. Pretty Pleats

For those people who have a fascination towards having perfectly fine and uniformed pleats, flat iron is the solution. A dream of having a gorgeous skirt finely pleated is not a dreaded task anymore. A quick riddance from pesky pleats is finally here. To have excellent results use each the flat iron over each pleats separately and see the wonders happening. No longer have you to hold that large iron and move it over the skirt a hundred of times to get the desired effect. Use you straightening iron carefully and you are ready to go.

Fixing mini fashion flaws are now made easy and cheap. Invest in a nice hair iron for everything pretty, from hair to your dress. Love your versatile flat hair iron!


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