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5 Ideas for Long Distance Relationships


Relationships, no matter what type they might they are all kind of complicated to handle. But when one is romantically involved with another, the level of complexity increases and it increases n number of folds when two people are in a long distance relationship. Long distance relationships are one of the scariest sorts. Most people avoid getting into it for the very obvious reason that they won’t be able to spend time with each other and that complications would take place. But every relationship is complicated and has the ability to get messy. Some people give the excuse that things are not going to work out, but nothing would give you guarantee even in a normal relationship that things would work out. But with the innovation in technology taking place at a high rate, it has made things much simpler. Here are some innovations that would help you to keep your long distance relationship up-beat:

1. Skype or Facetime:


Skype or the Facetime facility of apple products is something which has been extremely successful in connecting people world over. Because of this great innovation one can talk to another person who is across the globe and look at them at the same time. So here is the perfect timing to put this technological innovation to use. Re-activate your skype account and skype with your loved one whenever you want. Both of you can fix up study sessions and help one another with the course. In such a manner you two would be able to spend time with each other and study at the same time.

Are you missing the dates you two used to go on together? Well there is one more idea, both of you can plan out a date, fix a time and get ready and get similar food, it may sound a bit cliché’ but then again, it’s date night and you don’t want to be without your date. So virtual date it is. You can talk to them, look at them the only thing that would be an issue is the physical presence and also the connection. Sometimes these apps tend to hang quite a lot, so be mentally prepared.

2. Snapchat:


One of the most over-abused app of the season, Snapchat. People keep sending each other snapchats of themselves even when they are next to each other and sometimes they send it to themselves and save it, only god knows why. Well, this is possibly one of those situations where you can use this over-abused app correctly. Send him or her, your snap every now and then as to what you are doing and something funny did you see or maybe a funny snap of you in your outfit of the day, so that they feel that they are around you and also that the touch remains.

3. Whatsapp or BBM or Messaging.:

Ever since BBM went public, the whole world seems to be on BBM and after Facebook bought whatsapp, there have been such changes which may be for the greater benefit, but then they have taken a wrong turn. But there is no doubt that BBM and whatsapp is one of those places where one can see also sort of PDAs’, with all the hearts and the lovey dovey status updates and picture updates.


Keep in touch through whatsapp, drop each other a message every once in a while. Messaging takes less time than picking up the phone and calling. So you can take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and drop a message and ask them about how their day is going and tell them about yours.

If you don’t have either does not mean that you cannot be in touch with your loved one all the time. You can get one of these text plans or log on to facebook and message them or the best email them. This is the age of emailing and instant messaging. You can also write a long sweet letter and email it to the other.

4. Multi-Player Games:

Relationships aren’t always about being romantic with each other and woo-ing each other with all the cheesy and the sugary talks. It’s about the comfort level and the fun two people can have together. What is more fun than playing online games? There are many multi-player games online and even apps where both of you can sign up and play against one another. ipong_iphone_pong

5. Calling Plans:

Cell phone companies are the ones that make good bucks because of people being involved in long distance relationships. Cell phone companies obviously comprise of extremely smart people, who know the needs of the market. Well they never fail to deliver the needs of the people or do they? So they know your plight and have launched n number of calling plans and data plans for you to be able to contact your loved and dear ones which stay far away at a lower cost. So now, you needn’t worry about those long bills for which you would have to work your ass off in order to be able to pay it off, you can get some of these plans. Or maybe both of you could switch to the same network if you aren’t already on it


Every relationship is complicated, it’s just the way we look at it and the way we work at it that makes it easy or simple. If we want something to work then it will, it is the will that matters. Long distance relationships are just as good as short distance. It’s your perception that makes the difference.

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