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5 Ideas for Emotional Birthday Gift for Best Friend


Birthdays are one of those events which make one excited and sad at the same time. Most of the times the other person is more excited than the person whose birthday it actually is. It is usually because we are more than happy to have them in our lives and that they were born, so we try our best to make it special for them and give them that out of the world feeling and make them feel loved. But the main problem is how to make them feel that way. Buying something and gifting it to them is too main stream and most of the things that we like are just too expensive. Apart from that buying something does not make one feel so special, because anyone and everyone can spend money and buy you a gift. So what to do? Well the one thing that you could do is go out of your way and make something for them. Making something for them makes one feel so special and it holds a lot more value than the thing that you would buy with money, whereas you can make something at half the price or maybe less. So here are some ideas for your best friends’ birthday gifts, to make him or her feel real special.

1 Letters:


Ever wondered about your writing skills? Well even if you don’t have any, you can still do this. Writing a letter can be extremely difficult but then once you get the hang of it you realize it is pretty simple. The thing that is extremely difficult is the beginning, once you do start writing, you won’t be able to stop. Write your best friend a long letter about everything or write him or her as many letters as his or her age. You can write about your first meeting and the things that you have done together. The night spends, the times they stuck by you and the list goes on and on. Don’t miss out on the small details, because it is the small details that matter.

2. Jar:


The first step to making this gift is to get a Bell Jar. After that get some sheets of paper, preferably white, because there is no other color classier than white. Cut these sheets of paper in strips. Try to cut them evenly, but then it’s totally the personal choice. If you want you can also use paper of any other color, whatever they prefer. After cutting these papers into strips, start writing messages or quotes on those strips and put them in the jar. You can also put little goodies in there. And the most important thing is don’t forget to decorate the bell jar. Just remember not to go overboard with it. Along with the strips, one can also fold tiny copies of photographs and put them inside the Bell Jar. If you do not have a Bell Jar, you can also use any other decorative box. If you want, you can also put confetti in the box or the jar.

3. List:


This is one of the most difficult thing to do as it involves a lot more thinking and effort than the others, it all might sound simple but when you get down to it, it can be a lot more difficult than you expect. Make a list for your best friend. One of the most common and marvelous is the 101 reasons why I love you or 101 memorable moments. 101 is a huge number, remember that. When you make the list, remember to write the point only in one line. Don’t occupy too much space only in one point. And try not to have over-lapping points. You can also combine the second idea along with this. You can write the 101 reasons and cut them into strips and put it in a jar.

4. Card or Scrapbook:

This is no ordinary card that you go out in the market and buy. This is the card, you make at home.  If you are someone who is really good at sketching, you can always sketch your friend’s image on the the card and write down whatever you are feeling right inside the card. If you want you can always sketch a portrait and give it separately.

In case of a scrapbook, what you can do is collect their old pictures and the pictures that they love and put them in a particular order showcasing their development and journey of their life. Collect messages from other friends of theirs and put it in there.


5. Collage:

You can never get enough pictures with your best friend and no matter how many pictures you get none of them come perfect, one of you always turns out to be idiotic. So it is time to put those idiotic yet amazing pictures to use and make a collage out of them. It is one of the most clichéd ideas no doubt, but it is one of those things which stick by. So put all those crazy pictures together and laugh about them and cry about them. Always include at least one group picture.blonde-really-fun-collage

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