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5 Hobbies of help


When you want to get yourself out of boredom, the best way is to adopt a hobby. Hobbies are the pastime activities which tend to improve our personalities because we always end up with learning something new. Hobbies are those activities which we love doing the most. Being stuck at home is no reason to get bored. You must have tried and explored a new hobby mostly during your summer vacations. A hobby is something that is enriching and fulfilling. It is of course separate from your pursuit of profession and career. A hobbyist as is commonly called, one who pursues his hobbies does so to satiate his creative and personal urges. Some people pursue them on an occasional basis while others do them regularly. I took up an internship related to writing because it is my hobby. I used to write poems, jot down my day’s events and many such write-ups. It is a good thing that I was able to turn this hobby into a pretty decent source of income. Take your time and look through the following list to grab a hold of one of the hobbies.

  1. Reading


It is the king of all hobbies. I came across this beautiful line while going through the net. A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. It is true. Once we get into this hobby there is no backing. A true reader craves for books and never minds the place. Be it the newspaper, a novella or a magazine, he can grab any reading material and indulge it in to unimaginable extents. From literature to autobiographies, poems to novels, you can take your pick. The amount of knowledge you get after reading through various books apart from your course and academics is immense and magnanimous.

  1. Cooking


This is one of newly evolved hobbies. Whenever I come home I cook and try to impress my family. I look out for new recipes online, bring stuff for the kitchen and usually cook breakfast. This cuts out my eating out budget too. It is a relaxing hobby with a very tasteful end. The best thing of this hobby is that not only you but mostly others are benefitted from this hobby. When I think of my motivation for this hobby, there are quite a few. I used to see my friends back in the hostel cooking noodles, egg curry etc. I would say an inferiority complex had crippled me and encouraged me to learn this. In fact there is nothing much to learn. You just need your heart and common sense in cooking. Common sense will guide you through the adequacy of the spices and your heart will reach out to those for whom you have cooked.

  1. Yoga and meditation


Lifestyle of some and a hobby for others, yoga and meditation is a great way to know yourself and connect with your soul. Basically considered to be an eastern practice, yoga is relaxing and self-containing. It brings focus, clarity of your thoughts and balance in your life. Apart from its psychological benefits, it helps in the physical fitness as well. As we need a healthy body for a healthy mind, a healthy soul is also an essential part.

  1. Music


Without music, life would be a mistake. Music is a wonderful tool to uplift and rejuvenate. When we are happy, we dance to the music. While we are gloomy, we listen to sad songs. It has always been an integral part of our emotional status. There is jazz, pop, classic, retro and a dozen other genres to choose from. Sometimes people take this hobby so seriously that they decide to learn a musical instrument. My brother, for instance, started to learn guitar at the age of 8 and he has been playing since. I love to listen to the music he makes, the small compositions he does and when he asks me to judge them. Music, can be of any kind creates an all together a different atmosphere. It has a relaxing and soothing effect.

  1. Astronomy


Can you see the craters on the moon? Well, yes you can if you are a diehard fan of astronomy. Astronomy is an outdoor hobby. Talking about the craters and a galaxy some two and a half light years away are visible when you use binoculars. Interested, yet? Begin gazing at the stars and start with the simple basic question. What is this you see? You can start it in your backyard and you never know when this basic curiosity will turn into an obsession and you will be the next Galileo of this generation. Jokes apart, astronomy can be a life changing hobby. If you do not have patience and your back can hurt if you stoop for more than five minutes, then this hobby is not for you. For astronomy can be quite painstaking at times. Gazing at the stars and not knowing what galaxies you are looking at can be frustrating. Go out in the night sky and observe. The next day you ransack your library for all types of information on the stars and the constellations. One condition remains though. You need to be self-taught all the time. Happy sky-gazing!

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