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5 Healthiest Starbucks Drinks – Healthy Coffee Orders

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5 Healthiest Starbucks Drinks – Healthy Coffee Orders

Whipped Toppings: At Starbucks, these add about 150 calories just from sugar and fat. So while delicious, it’s not going to make you feel full or caffeinated — the two main goals of going there in the first place!

Iced Teas With Lemonade: While a grande white, green, or passion fruit tea with lemonade contains only about 90 calories, it’s also packed with 22 grams of added sugar. That’s only 2 grams away from the American Heart Association’s recommended amount for the entire day for women. Although they taste refreshing, sweet drinks can also make you thirstier, so you’re better off spending your $$$ on a venti unsweetened version and adding sugar on your own.

Tea Lattes: The tea powder used to make the lattes contains added sugar, not to mention the sweetener or syrup that’s added on top of that. If you order almond, coconut, or soy milk, these also sneak in more added sugar compared to the regular kind. If you’re really craving one, ask for a regular brewed chai tea of any size with a side of hot milk.

Frozen Drinks: They’re delicious, but unless you’re specifically going to Starbucks for a dessert in Frappuccino form, skip ’em. These are often just sugar, ice, and milk with a little bit of coffee, not mention whipped cream and syrups.

Juices and Smoothies: Again, these are mostly just concentrated sources of added sugar, which can make you thirstier and won’t fill you up or keep you satisfied.

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