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5 health benefits of soups


Many of us are never satisfied with our eating habits. Often we end up eating too much and many times just for the sake of our taste buds, we eat only non healthy foods. Time and again, we plan a strict diet schedule for us but we are unable to stick to it for long. We love being a ‘foodie’ but hate to see its effects on our body. Our body gets bore of eating boiled pulses and veggies without any spices within 2 days. All those ‘ghee’ devoid stuff cannot be swallowed down the throat by many of us.

And modifying any of the boiled stuff can result in killing of essential nutrients. ‘Taste or health’ is indeed a very difficult choice to make. Whenever we read the diet plan of some perfect body possessing celebrities in their interviews then we get tempted and decide that we will also stick to strict schedule of only veggies, juices, fruits. We plan to forget about junk and oily food completely to get that flat belly, clear skin, beautiful hairs etc. Soon we realize that it is indeed a very difficult routine. Yes, I know that you can shed those extra kilos by simply working out and so you can happily stay as a foodie. But working out can only kill calories, you still need a healthy diet to get nutrients.

soup from vegetables

So, don’t any such option exist in which are bellies get fill without compromising on the nutrition part. Oh well, a wonderful option to exist- soups! Not many of have added soups in our health plan and this is where we commit a mistake. Soups are yummy, you can’t deny this and they are healthy, health experts can’t deny this!

Read on to know 5 health benefits of soups and why you must have them:

1 They can stop you from overeating

Soups are liquid and thick. If you have a bowl of soup as a starter then many health experts claim that you will not end up overeating at any cost. They make you seem full and thus only the appropriate quantity of food finally goes in your body. Many health conscious people have a habit of drinking a glass of lukewarm water 15-20 before any meal to avoid overeating. No doubt this is a wonderful health tip. But once in a while you can substitute a glass of water with a bowl of soup to give yourself a tasty treat of delicious vegetables.

2 A low calorie meal

A bowl or two of a soup if taken as a snack and fill your stomach, satisfy your taste buds without making you intake extra calories. When you make a healthy soup at home then notice that many calories are required to make it. Also it has extra benefits too. Many studies have proved that consuming a vegetable soup before a meal can result in taking up to 20-30% lesser calories during that meal.

making of soup

3 A dish of nutrients and vitamins

Tomatoes are a wonderful source of lycopene. Lycopenes are antioxidants which can prevent many cancers and can also help skin fight against UV damage. It is said that lycopenes are better absorbed from tomato soups rather than raw tomatoes for studies have claimed that heating lycopene makes a change in its structure thereby changing it in a form which is easier to absorb. Not to forget that tomatoes are also excellent source of many vitamins like A, C, K and potassium, beta carotene etc.

tomato soup

Having a mix vegetable soup simply means that you are consuming the goodness of many vegetables in one go. This soup is a must have in once in a week. A soup of carrots, green leafy vegetables like spinach, capsicum, onion, beans is a tasty and nutrients-rich combination. The main reason behind soups being rich in nutrients is that while cooking many of the water soluble vitamins go into the liquid from the vegetables, but since we consume that bulk too, hence we are not missing on any chief ingredient.

vegetable soup

4 Easy to digest and aid in body detoxification

Since the bulk of soup is water, they can be easily digested by our body. They can also helps in getting relief from constipation, poor digestive system and other stomach related disorders. Since nutrients can be easily absorbed from soups, they are recommended to all those who wish to go for a body detox diet. The reason behind soups being easy to digest and stomach friendly is that they are high in fibre content. Moreover the high water content of soups also helps in keeping the body hydrated.

5 Can act as a medicine during sickness

We all must have that experience in being served with soups daily during cold, flu, fever etc. The warm nature of soups provides inner warmth to our body, the much needed thing during cold and fever. Their easy to digest nature makes them ideal for all age groups. Your body don’t require to do much work when a liquid of nutrients is entered in it. But you don’t need to wait to get sick to have some soup!


Wait a minute guys, I hope you must have paid attention to the fact that nowhere I have mentioned to buy readymade soup for they do little good in comparison to homemade soups. Get started to make one for you yourself to enjoy a tasty and healthy meal!

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