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5 great ideas for a date


We’ve all had that one person we have our eyes on day in and day out. And in all likelihood, or in most cases that I’ve seen at least, this person usually either isn’t aware of your existence or you keep feeling like they’ve already friendzoned you so you feel like you don’t stand a chance with them. That doesn’t keep you from hoping that one day they will notice you and you’ll be able to walk about free into their hearts and make way into their lives but then the question is, how will you ever muster the courage to actually ask them out on a date. They at least need to discover that there’s more to you than they already know, or at least acknowledge your presence around them. Then one  fine day you decide to ask them out for a cup of coffee, and then if that goes well, you’re headed to the movies next. It could be a nice lunch plus movie, could be their favourite genre, or just a regular rom com or maybe a horror movie if you’d want them to cling to you. And those regular dates have been going pretty well for a while now and you’ve been texting late night and exchanging glances at college or work and you cannot contain your feelings anymore. But you need the perfect setting before you can blurt it out to them. Now you’ll imagine it to be something grand, something impeccably done because it’s your big day. It needn’t be so over the top though. Here are some ideas for the perfect date.


1. Long drive

Okay this might sound very casual but long drives end up being really romantic. Also you have the added advantage of being in control of where you’re both headed so you can always explore plenty of options and plus it works even if you keep changing your mind. Whoever said that the journey is more important than the destination wasn’t fooling around was he? You can probably even hold their hand while you drive, so that’s one way of making sure whether you’re headed in the right direction or if they’re still not comfortable with the idea of you proposing to them or if they’ve moved ahead of picturing you two as just friends.


2. Just a casual dinner date

Everyone loves good food and we women love being fed as much as we love feeding. You could probably book a table for two at a fancy restaurant like a five star one or something if she’s really fond of expensive places and it isn’t too heavy on your pocket, or you could just even plan a nice dinner somewhere you could just get some alone time, with a nice outdoor seating or something so that could stare at her in the dim candle light too and enjoy the weather and have a nice conversation at the same time.


3. Fancy clubbing night

If she’s one of those girls who likes to party hard you could just put your name on the Guest list of the most happening party in town, do a little contact digging here and there, or surprise her by arranging for the tickets of this concert she’s been dying to attend but thought was sold out. Even though it seems like you’ll not be able to talk much considering the music would be really loud and she’ll be a little preoccupied because of her own excitement about the party/concert, she really is going to love it. Also since she’ll be so happy on this particular night, she’ll remember you distinctively every time she thinks of that night in the future. That’ll surely win you a lot of brownie points.


4. Take a walk along the stars

Now you can’t literally talk a walk along the stars but you can surely take a walk around the lake side or somewhere you’re unlikely to find a lot of crowd. If you’re in Delhi then you can probably take them to a place like Hauz Khas, so you could always alternate between the calm fort and the happening village night. Or if you’re in a city where you have a beach around then you’re clearly in luck. Who doesn’t love a walk along the beach? Get a bottle of wine along if you plan to propose though.

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5. Feed them a nice self cooked meal:

Call them over to your place that if that doesn’t make them too uncomfortable like only after you’re in a decent comfort zone with them. Watch a nice romcom and feed them a nice home cooked meal, preferably if you cook it yourself would be best because that’d make them feel pretty damn special. Everyone likes these little gestures because it gives you a feeling of exclusivity and everyone loves that. There’s no better way to make them feel special.


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