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5 Fun Ways Of Passing Time!


The summers are on for most of us, heading towards monsoons. Loving the rainy season or hating the high humidity? Is it not strange, how we hate the heat and then, when rain comes, we hate the humidity? Humans can never be content with what they have. SO, you are stuck inside buildings as it is all wet and humid outside. What to do to pass time? You are tired of imagining figures in the dark clouds and you have had enough coffee breaks and chit chats. If you are fed up of drilling the drill, take a step back and relax. Pass your time doing something fun and creative!

Sure, summers are entertaining with long days at the beach and lots of traveling and working. What about the monsoons? Personally, I am not a rainy season fan! The rains sure are pretty and cooling and do great things for the crops and the high temperature. But, after the rain comes the period of high humidity when everything is sticky and sweaty and you have bad hair days in a row and nothing goes right in the looks department. It is frustrating, sitting in a room all day. I mean, how many movies can one see? How many sitcoms? How many songs can one hear? For how many days? How many books can one read? How many days can a person stay inside, eating junk and feeling like a huge balloon, if you know what I mean? (LOL?)

So, what to do? Questions, questions! Well, I thought about it for some hours, and that helped me pass my time as well. Here is a list of things which you could do, that would make you and YOUR MOM happy! Yeah, imagine that! Try making your mother happy for a change with this list of activities guaranteed to help you pass time!


Wipe out that cupboard. Throw all your clothes and shoes and accessories on your bed. Put on some music. Try on everything and discard the things you do not need. Set your cupboard, in some order and make it look pretty. Dressing up is so much fun and cleaning your cupboard is something I am sure your mother tells you to do every day (because mine does!) Throw out the extra, unwanted clothes. That gives you an idea of the exact amount of clothes that you have. If, after cleaning and arranging your clothes, that you do not have enough clothes for the season, show your cupboard to your mother! She won’t say no after seeing your half empty cupboard. Hello, SALE SEASON!


Do online work. Do something that pays and gives you experience. Love fashion but pursuing maths? Write about fashion! Make a blog or get an internship with a fashion house or read up on things and create and publicize! Do something valuable with your time. Life is too short to do what you are required to do instead of doing what you want to do. Earn money when you have some serious free time on your hand! Spend it in the lovely sale season and reward yourself for you did something good!


Put on some music and find a recipe you like. Learn it make things and feed your mother lots of food! I am sure she will love it. The first time I made my first batch of brownies, which looked and tasted amazing by the way, my mother gave this brilliant smiled that I have not forgotten till date. Love Italian food? Make some pasta, pair it up with some amazing wine and share a nice dinner with your family. Learn to utilize your time doing constructive things in twisted ways that make you happy. Cooking is something that is very important. You need to be able to make some food for yourself. Better you learn it now than not learn it and get shocked faces from people when you tell them you do not know how to cook. You do not have to be a champion at cooking but, just learning the basics should be enough!

4) DIY

Do-it-yourself. Why not? You have the time, right? Feel like hanging a lantern in your room? Make one! You have amazing sites like Pinterest that are so amazing and so full of ideas on arts and crafts. Make different things! Try making a muffler for the winters, learn to knit!! It is becoming a lost art!


With a lot of free time on your hands, you could go for some self improvement. Feeling unfit? Join a gym. Terrible at managing your hair? Learn the art of braiding. Bad skin? Read up on different natural face masks and apply them to improve your skin. Problem with public speaking or paper writing? Practice and practice. No one is perfect, they only appear to be so. I am telling you this: Once you work on your flaws, you will get so many compliments and they will make you so happy and proud of yourself.


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