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5 Things You Should Stop Eating and Drinking


We all love eating different foods. We like tasting different dishes but on this journey, we start eating some things that not only decrease our immunity  but also lower our stamina. We are what we eat. Once you stop eating these dangerous foods and stop drinking those fizzy drinks, your life and health is going to change for good. Everything we eat has a consequence, so it is very necessary to be very cautious while choosing what to eat. So here are 5 things you should stop eating right now if you want to live a healthy life.

1. Artificial Sweeteners

artificial sweetener candies and sweets


When we buy sodas or fizzy drinks, we never try to have a look at its ingredients. Once you do it, you will see High Fructose Corn Syrup. Now, we have to see what all of these artificial sweeteners are doing is raising the blood sugar level. This is over stimulating the pancreas, therefore producing more insulin which wears out the pancreas and finally gives us diabetes. So, it is so liberating to get rid of things like sodas and related drinks. So much of what we are eating today is inorganic. These are not natural. So, what are we going to do about this? There are so many natural replacements like dates, which is a natural sweetener. It is fresh, it is healthy and it does wonders. It is full of iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc. You can also use maple syrup, raw cane sugar or even get a banana. It is important to see that there are so many healthy alternatives out there. We have to be careful whenever we see low fat or diet cokes because diet here means more sugar and more salt has been added in it. One of the great alternatives is mountain spring water because it is all about being oxygenated. When we are drinking these fizzy drinks, the body is taking the calcium from the our body and it is like robbing ourselves of the healthy nutrients that help in digesting process. All we have to do is going into mother nature and see that it has everything to offer to us and also has put different kinds of medicines in its foods.

2. Margarine


Margarine is full of Trance Fats and it produces high cholesterol levels within the body. A great replacement to it can be coconut oil which contains lauric acid which helps in boosting our immune system. It has those healthy mono unsaturated fats and poly unsaturated fats. Even the coconut water is full of potassium electrolytes which we lose when we are sweating. Instead of margarine, you could use flax seed oil, hemp seed oil or avocado oil. All of these are bursting full of nutrients and also help the body and its cardiovascular system.

3. Refined Grains


You should stay away from white rice and white bread because grains are acidic in nature. What it means is that all body becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. It is all about getting back alkaline and acid balance within the body so that the body can be in a  perfect status and equilibrium. White bread are bleached to get its whiteness and all the necessary nutrients are taken away from it. Healthier option would be brown bread because the most acidic grain is wheat. Wheat contains gluten which makes it harder for the body to eliminate toxins out of the body. Mucus is another problem associated with refined grains because mucus is the body’s natural defense to stop the acid from completely obliterating ourselves. When the mucus is no longer serving us, you may get a block nose and when we have this nazal congestion, the mucus in our lungs makes us cough. Some other healthy alternatives to refined grains are buck wheat and whole grains.

4. Table Salt


Sodium Chloride is responsible for fluid retention and it helps us holding on to water which causes weight gain. It also causes high blood pressure and makes the hard work harder for us. The healthier alternative to that is Celtic Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt, Hawaiian Black Salt because these have the 84 trace minerals that help our body heal from many inner problems. Table salt also makes the body dizzy and we can’t concentrate very effectively.

5. Deep Fried Foods


All of that oil present in these deep fried foods produces high cholesterol levels. It is full of trans fats and also cause cancer later on down the line because it is producing these free radicals. It increases the triglycerides which are the blood fats and this clocks up the arteries making it harder for the blood to circulate around the body. Once we let go of that we get a greater flow and increased energy levels. Enzymes are important because they help digest the food. Living foods have enzymes and this is what’s needed for optimum health. The problem with deep fried foods that they are devoid of enzymes so the body once again has to rob from our healthy cells. Once  you start eating foods above 116 degrees Fahrenheit, the enzymes become denatured. So, it is necessary to keep in mind that eating foods close to the body temperature works well. In essence, in their most natural organic state.

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